28 February 2015

February Recap

February was full of highs and lows here in the Terpstra house. The first half of the month was full to the brim with business. Camp is really ramping up now and I find myself being stretched and challenged in new ways as I learn new things and balance work and family life. My biggest challenge these days has been learning how to communicate about 'work' to Bob, its so different working with your spouse and we definitely butt heads a time or two. I am learning to be far more gracious and less defensive. It has really been positive and Im so thankful we are learning this together. So thankful to be able to work and dream everyday with him! 

I've been telling Bob that I find this season of life to be intense. Our days are full to bursting,  but really I wouldn't trade this time because there are so many sweet moments mixed in with the chaos.

Ive been taking a little time to get some craft project done and having a lot of fun with my Silhouette Cameo and heat transfer vinyl (I made the shirt Hazel is wearing above). It is so easy and feels so good to make a shirt within a few minutes! I love it! Millie started solid food and for the most part she loves it! She is such a precious girl! Its amazing how much my heart has expanded to love her so very much! 

We also had a ton of snow this month... and when I say a ton, i mean that literally.

I think we won something for the most snowfall on record... yay... or not. 

Bob also led a mission trip to Guatemala this month with our youth group! He had an absolutely amazing and impacting experience! It has been such a blessing to see how the experience changed the lives of the youth who went! 

Life without him wasn't easy though. I felt like a shell of myself! haha! It was a great wake up to how much I really do rely on him throughout the day! Since he primarily works from home he definitely leaves a big gap when he isn't around. It made me much more thankful for the life that we do have in that he is able to be home with me and the girls! How absolutely blessed are we? 

Needless to say the girls were very happy to have their Daddy back home. 

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  1. Awe! the pic of the three of them at the end is priceless. annnnd.... that shirt you made hazel is pretty darn cute. way to go momma!


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