13 January 2015

Annnnnnnnnd She's Back

well hello blog world.

Im sure you've all been worried sick about where I have been amiright? totally. Well lets just catch up shall we?

Last you heard from me I was headed to British Columbia for my sisters wedding. (more about that later) While we were away Bob and I got to have some pretty candid conversations about our life and the season we are in with little babies and new ministries and we both decided to put some things on hold. I wrote a long post after I got home about how I was going to shut the blog down, but that post remained unpublished/unfinished because I was already knee deep in life. Such beautiful life was happening and it was so busy but yet so good that it hardly had time to be documented.

That being said. Im being called back a little bit to update this space. Im not too sure what it looks like moving forward. But I do know that I want to have a record of this time in the years to come.
So you'll no longer see scheduled posts or 'how to's', at least not for a while. But if you are interested in what my little family is up to then by all means, follow along.

So, lets recap!

T H E  T R I P

Oh dear I could have written at least 20 posts about our trip itself. We had a great time 'out west' for my sisters wedding. Some highlights were: visiting with Bob's brother, sister and brother in law; playing with our nephew George and watching he and Hazel interact; the waterpark at the West Edmonton Mall; amazing sushi to celebrate Bob's 30th Birthday; driving to the mountains for the wedding and staying at the most beautiful lodge.

The wedding itself was beautiful and lots of fun! It was so wonderful to have our whole family staying together at the lodge where the wedding was held. It was 30 of us, both sides of the family and no staff, so we made meals and everything together from Thursday to Sunday. Lots of fun was had in the outdoor hot tub and we all busted a move on the dance floor on the wedding day!

Hazel did really well as the flower girl and I was so proud of her! The wedding itself was really sweet. We were all a little teary when they said their vows, my mom sang a song and there was even a reading from a court case! ha! so romantic, but my sister is a lawyer and it did really suit! It was a small affair of about 45 people since it stormed and 50!!! centimetres of snow fell the day before!! But it was really lovely.

mountain love

she was really excited about her basket 

so glad he got this one of me and my girl

my sweet little flower girl

the location was amazing!

isn't my sister so beautiful! 

family shot! too bad the girls aren't looking!


Christmas was also wonderful and we had lots of family time. Bob was off for 2 weeks and we just enjoyed that time together. Christmas usually means a lot of running around for us and we often do back to back meals and go to up to 4 different places between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Eek. Im not sure we will do the 'christmas circuit' as I like to call it, next year but for this year it was still ok. We stayed the night at my moms house and my brothers and one's girlfriend stayed too. It was really nice to be with all of them in the morning and its something that my mom really enjoys. Hazel was a bit overwhelmed and i sort of rushed though her presents and wished i had taken it a bit more slowly. I guess I will know for next year! I literally took ZERO pictures at christmas... huge mom fail right? But im trying to be less attached to my phone which means not as many pictures... oh well, I just dont think I will ever be one of those DSLR mamas.

Im hoping to update some of Millie's monthly posts soon! I have a few in drafts! And I would also love to get started on a "Hazel says" post! holy moly that girl is hilarious these days. But no promises on the timeline of those ok?

Now I will leave you with this video to celebrate my return, and because who didn't think this video was amazing when it came out? (and if you really want to know, I once spent weeks perfecting this dance routine... I think i can still do most of it... bam)


  1. Awww! I'm glad you back! These pictures are gorgeous! It looks like it was a great wedding, and I hope you guys had an amazing time!

  2. You were stunning (as was your sister) at the wedding! Beautiful family! Seems like y'all had a great time!


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