3 November 2014

November Goals

Im a list maker. Are you? There is something about making a list that puts my heart at ease. Even if not all of the things on the list get accomplished I still feel as if I've done something just by making the list itself. Im like some sort of lazy A-type personality.

Every month I attempt to make a list of things I would like to accomplish, and I link it uo over at The Tiny Twig, because making lists and community are two of my fave things so why not combine the two amiright? Soo I didn't exactly get a list finished last month... Whomp Whomp... Fail. But I am making a pretty awesome one this month AND I've issued a month long challenge to my husband! Every week this month I'm going to challenge him to something new to help us with some personal fitness and organizational type goals we have been wanting to implement, the one who does the best in the challenge will of course receive a prize. Booyah!! 

Now lets get on with the real November Goals mmmkay? 

H O M E | 

1. Finally get frames for family pictures I had printed and hang them! 
2. Organize craft room... It's cray-zay in there.
3. Keep up with the previous goal of one load of laundry a day! 

F A M I L Y | 

1. We are travelling across the country this month for my sisters wedding. I would like to get at least 4-5 little busy bags made up for Hazel that I can produce at those key times when she really needs some entertainment. I have seen so many great ideas on Pintrest so I'm excited to put these together. 
2. Get our travel budget in order before we go! eep... I'm pretty nervous we are going to overspend while we are away so I want to get all money for bills in a separate account stat so we don't go broke yo.

B L O G |  

1. Get organized with posts. I want to get a better posting schedule up and running
2. Finish alllll of those drafts! I have so many... Like soo many. 

M E | 

1. Real talk. I'm slowly learning to let go of others opinions of me and truly not try to please everyone. This is tough for me. I'm only just starting to realize how big of an issue this is in my life. Post to come on what I'm learning... 
2. My birthday is this month (I'm turning 29!! ) woah... Seems old! Haha so I'm hoping to do something special for it! 

Okay! I think those are some good gol! Let's do this November!  


  1. I love how you have divided your goals out by domain. I am also working on my post schedule for my blog... It can be hard getting it cemented down and then actually sticking with it!

  2. list making = happiness and productivity. love it.


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