9 November 2014

Currently | Vol 5

Hi! welcome to currently where we share a bit of our lives with each other and build online community each week. Link up your post below and spend some time reading others posts as well. Thanks for joining us! 

Friends! Wasn't last week's instagram hop great?!! I LOVED it! I really felt almost like I spent the day with you all! We will definitely be doing that again but for this week we are back to regular posing, hope you are all ready to share with us! Don't forget to visit at least the person linked up before you to spread the love!

T H I N K I N G  A B O U T | I have actually been thinking a lot about blogging and why I do it. I know I visit this question at least once a month but its great for me to gain some perspective on why I do this thing. I recommend everyone write a post like this one so they can go back and remind themselves why. My dear friend Jenna wrote a brave and beautiful post this week about blogging which i think everyone should read : here.

making cookies on Saturday 

L O V I N G |  I am absolutely loving conversations with Hazel these days. I know I know Im biased but she is seriously SO sweet and funny. Two gems from today:

              Hazel: what these mummy? (pointing to my eyebrows)
                   me: those are my eyebrows
                     H: they so nice mummy 
                    me: thank you Hazel 
                     H: you're welcome mummy, can i have dem? i want dem guy-brows

                Hazel: (at church looking at the stained glass window) MOMMY!!! I see Jesus in the                                   window.... HI JESUS!!!! 

T H A N K F U L  F O R |  My mom!! Seriously my mom is the best. She babysits every Wednesday so that I can go to youth group to help and support Bob which is a huge blessing. This Friday she knew Bob was out all day and night with two youth events on, so she came over (unasked) to help me get the girls into bed and when I came downstairs from putting Millie down she was popping the cork on a bottle of wine, bless her!! We drank wine and chatted all night until Bob got home. Its such a blessing to have such a wonderful relationship with her now that I'm older. I hope my girls and I will someday be the same.

L E A R N I N G | As I mentioned in my November Goals post I have been learning lately to let go of others opinions, to not let them have a hold on me. Even though I consider myself to be a fairly confident person I still am surprised at how much I let others opinions of me, and also others opinions of my family and my husband consume me. Im learning to let this go and to be confident in the life that God has given me, and the decisions I have made as a parent and as a woman.

cookies on Make A Gif
a fun little video from our cookie adventure :)
H O P I N G |  Ok this is lame and I know I keep talking about this, but Im hoping I can loose a couple of pounds before my sisters wedding which is coming up soooo soon!!! eek! We leave on the 22nd and my plan is to do a bit of a detox (within reason since im still breastfeeding exclusively!) for the 2 weeks before we go.... I just want to feel a bit more comfortable in my dress!
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

Can't wait to read about what you are up to currently!! 


  1. So funny.. my thinking about is the same as yours! I have been having a hard time with blogging lately, I LOVE blogging, but for the community and the therapy, if that makes any sense at all. It's just so dang hard not to get caught up in the rat race and I need to pull back a bit for sure, focus more on my family and less on followers and pageviews. I find the more I focus on that stuff the less I have a passion for blogging.

    I love the Hazel-isms! :) She sounds like a doll! "Hi Jesus!" haha!!

  2. Love your "learning". How astute to name it and claim it. Good for you!

  3. For real ladies! I have been thinking about the same things in regards to blogging! I'm only on month 7 or 8 (I lost count), and I'm tired. This past weekend, my vacation rejuvenated me, then I got sick and I have a sick baby, so who has time to blog when that happens?! I do love my community though. I'm so thankful for ladies like you who are now my friends. :)

    And Hazel is too cute. I used to do the same thing at my grandma's house. I used to invite Jesus in because I saw him knocking at the door. He was my invisible friend. ;)

  4. P.S. I'm pretty sure I did my Currently wrong this week. I publish mine on Friday...I probably need to re-evaluate my blog schedule. Lol.

  5. Your mom sounds amazing! Glass of wine waiting? Beautiful! I think about the blogging question from time to time. From the start of my little blog, it was because I wanted to remember. To record our lives for family and friends near and far (we live far from 99% of our immediate family). But, since joining the amazing blogging community of so many wonderful women, it has grown into a bit more. Not sure what the more is, but I am grateful for the support and nourishment I've been able to recieve from new blog friends. They really have been such a blessing and I pray I have been too! :)

  6. So excited to link up with you all.

    You are so blessed to have such a relationship with your mom.


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