10 November 2014

A Mommy App | The Mommy Glow

I was asked by by fellow blogger Tiffany to review the app that she and her husband created and released a couple of weeks ago! First of all I think it is so amazing that Tiffany and Jon created this app! I mean kudos to their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirits!

A Mommy App is an app for both mama and littles. There are so many things you can do in this app and I would like to highlight a few of my favourites.

First of all you can add your kiddos and keep track of their milestones. This is so handy for keeping track of those little things you don't want to forget! Just today Bob found Hazel's baby book and asked me if I had one for Millie... umm... nope. The plight of the second child! I will definitely be using A Mommy App to quickly jot down those milestones so I don't forget until I can get them into a baby book... someday...  Another cute little feature of this section of the app is that you can customize the 'look' of your kids! How fun is that! I had a great time choosing hair color and even outfits for Hazel and Mille's 'mommy app' personas!

One great feature that has come in very handy already is the "5 Minutes For Mommy" section. The day after I downloaded the app was one of those 'crazy days' where patience was running low. I was waiting in the car with both girls while Bob ran in to get a couple of things at the grocery store. Millie was crying and I was reaching over my seat to let her suck on my finger to calm her down. Hazel was asking a million questions and I was feeling the temperature rise... suddenly I remembered that I had downloaded 'A Mommy App'! I quickly got it out and went to the 5 minutes for mommy section. I chose the 'bubble' game and gave it to Hazel... perfect silence! she was enthralled! She absolutely loved this simple game and it kept her entertained for quite some time. I'm not one to keep a ton of games on my phone so it was perfect that this game was just a little addition to the app that I could pull out in a pinch!

One last feature that I really love is the Featured Blogs, Shops and Instagrams. I have loved scrolling through the featured content and checking out new blogs, shops and instagram accounts that I haven't seen before! I love finding new mamas to follow! I think its awesome that Tiffany and Jon created a space to highlight some of the amazing mamas out there!

There are many more features you can check out here. You can download the app for just 99 cents and it is available for both iPhone and Android.

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