29 October 2014

What You Really Need For Baby #2

First of all, let me just get it out that this is by NO mean an exhaustive list! I do think there are, obviously, a few other things you are going to need, um like diapers just to name one! However these are all things that have been really helpful for me since I had my second baby so obviously I'm an expert right?.... yeeeah. Anyway hope you enjoy, and chime in on some of the things you love too in the comments! 

O N E | Obvs... a double stroller. We LOVE our Phil & Teds Vibe (I wish I was getting paid to say that! ha! but I'm not so believe me... its the bees knees!!) We bought this beaut when we were pregnant with Hazel. It was by far the most expensive thing we bought. It was worth every penny. Hazel loves her little seat underneath, we just told her it was her special seat and that cured any anxiety about it pretty quick, she is all about it. In the spring, when she is bigger, Millie will move down there and Hazel will sit up top again. When Millie is too big for the little back seat Bob is pretty keen on getting the skateboard attachment so Hazel can ride on the back! If you are looking for a good double stroller the Vibe will not let you down. I have taken it through lots of different terrain and it handles like a dream (insert infomercial voice here). 

T W O | Sleep Sack. Maybe this is just my thing because we are gearing up for a cold Canadian winter. And hubs keeps our heat preeety low, I'm talking wear your mittens in the house kinda low. But I think Sleep Sacks are essential. I use them to kind of 'signal' to baby that its time for sleep, and it becomes part of their sleep ritual... something I'm pretty keen on. This one by Aden and Anais is my current crush, its made of 4 layers of muslin and is soo soft. When baby is really little we use a swaddle sleep sack which we really liked, seems to keep those little Houdini arms tucked in nicely. 

T H R E E | A swing. Now the swing pictured is a nice one... though it does take up quite a bit of space. I wasn't much of a swing lover when I just had Hazel. I was usually holding her, playing with her or she was doing tummy time, or playing with her little gym. But since Millie has come along the swing has been SO helpful, because lets face it sometimes you just cannot attend to your second baby as you'd like to. You may have to pop them in the swing for a good 5... 10... maaaaaybe 30 minutes while you make supper, do the laundry, take your other kid to the potty, play with said other kid, tidy the house, etc... Basically I just really like having somewhere that I can put Millie down quickly and easily, where Hazel isn't going to crawl all over her and she is looking at me so I can chat with her while I do what I need to do to keep my house from being condemned. 

F O U R | Now, for those times that a swing isn't doing the trick, or you just want to hold your baby close. You NEED a baby carrier. I am a huge advocate for babywearing and I loved carrying Hazel. Wearing your first baby is nice, but friends, wearing your second baby is essential. I love all different kinds a styles of wraps/carriers. I've pictured the Sakura Bloom Sling in Wheat... because I am currently attempting to save all of my nickels and dimes to buy one (should take about a year or so!! haha) I also have a Mei Tai and an Ergo and I love both, but Im interested in getting a sling for those easy ups and downs just around the house. Check out my friend Whitney's babywearing post and review of the different carriers she has tried with her two bambinos. 

F I V E | Aden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets. Now we all know everyone loves these blankets. If you didn't either get gifted them or didn't invest in them for your first baby... just go ahead and get them for your second. I use these for everything. Burp cloth, snot rag (lovely i know), nursing cover, car seat cover, bassinet cover (to block out the light... don't judge!), photo prop, peek a boo, you know just about everything... You can also find cheaper brands which I have a few of and like very much as well, but I usually reach for my Aden and Anais ones Im not gonna lie. 

S I X | Sleepers. Lets face it, this kid is not going to get dressed up as much as your last kid. At least probably not right at first, so sleepers will be needed in large quantities. And you should just get zippered ones, because as a second time mom now, you know whats what, and you do not want to be fiddling with snaps when your first child suddenly yells from downstairs that she has to go pee. 

S E V E N | Nursing Bras. It's my personal opinion that you should invest in some good AND pretty nursing bras. They don't all have to be pretty ones but if you plan to nurse for a good while just consider that you wear these things almost 24/7. With Hazel I cheaped out and bought some from Target, and others from a box (shudder!!). This time I bought myself some pretty ones because why not feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. If I have a pretty bra on at least I can admire that and try to avoid looking at my mangled mid section... Also be sure to get one with good support, because breastfeeding is hard work and your back will hurt much less if you have a bra with great support. Check out Cake Lingerie, or Elle MacPherson Intimates.  

E I G H T | The Sleep Sheep. Oh holy sleep sheep, how I love thee! Really any sound machine will do but my cousin handed down her sleep sheep to me and we love it. 'Waves' setting thank you very much. As I mentioned above about the 'sleep routine' I think having a sound machine does wonders for your baby to settle and provides a consistent atmosphere no matter where you are. The second baby kind of has to roll with it a little bit in the whole sleep department, so a sound machine is helpful to 'set the stage' for sleep no matter where you are. 

Well... Thats my list! What about you? Chime in mamas of two, anything you would add? 


  1. I loved reading this list....You are so right - a good nursing bra is a must have. I also turned cheap and bought some from Target with LB. Not smart! I hate those stupid bras and I have already told myself that with kiddo number two, I'm just going to have to break down and buy the nice ones. I love reading your posts about having a second baby because, even though we don't have one on the way yet, it makes me feel like it is something I CAN do! :)

  2. We have the sleep giraffe and love it! Working on our sleep around here- maybe Millie can call Eliza and share some of her skills?


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