14 October 2014

That time when I used to be funny

Remember the last time you had a good ol belly laugh? Bob and I were driving through town the other day and I can't even remember now what was said or who said it but we started laughing and it was just good. As we were laughing I looked over at him and thought "wow this is nice... I remember this". Since we started dating Bob and I have always had a little friendly competition over which one of us is "funnier". We applaud each others witty quips and remarks with a "good one" fist pump. Im not sure when or why we started doing it, but its firmly a "thing" we do. It's safe to say that as of late I haven't had many "good ones". 

I can't deny that we have just come out of an incredibly stressful season, which may be contributing to my "good one" deficit. In the words of my eloquent husband 'it was one giant stress ball'. I mean really... We started a new job running a fairly large camp of 100+ kids per week and a staff of 40 and we had a baby in the midst of it all.... hashtag what the heck were we thinking??! 

Now it wasn't all bad guys. There were some really great and fun times. But I didn't realize until we shared that laugh in the car together how heavy the last few months were. People kept saying "Wow I can't believe you're doing that!" and "Are you sure you want to bring the baby back to camp??" And I thought to myself, "this isn't hard, these people are overreacting". But I didn't realize how much I was just surviving, just trying to keep my head above water, and of course also appear like I had it all together

I was surviving and not thriving. And that my friends, is the no go zone for me. Sure. You've got to cut yourself some slack every now and then (yeah I know I have a 2 month old and a 2 year old), but I'm also very passionate about thriving in this life over just surviving. 

Since the "belly laugh" day I have made strides toward thriving and I'm slowly starting to see myself come back. I've even had a few "good ones" lately... of course I can't repeat them here due to their inappropriate nature..... womp womp... 

Over the next few weeks im excited to share a few posts on what Im doing to thrive in different areas of my life; as a wife, as a mom, as a woman and as a daughter of the King. 

So stay tuned my friends... good ones are coming! 


  1. This is great! I must admit that I've been operating in survival mode over the past couple years but I'm slowly emerging and I'm starting to thrive. :-)

  2. I think everyone has their seasons of just surviving, it's how you come out of it on the other end that counts. And seems like you are doing an amazing job of coming out to thrive! There is a reason they say laughter is the best medicine after all.

  3. When I was teaching they always called the first few years being in the survival mode. It makes sense that you're in the survival mode when you first have kids, too. But survival doesn't have to last forever, I think, especially if we make a conscious effort to come out of it. Great post!!

  4. I think I am in that surviving season right now. Not in a terrible bad way but in a I have 7 month old that thinks sleep is overrated way. We can all make it through this:)

  5. Happy SITSday!!! I can so relate. Hubby and I are generally funny people, but he's always been way funnier. (Grammar?) He's always been more funny (that still doesn't sound right.) nevertheless, my funny factor has drastically dropped since kids. But, hey, it'll come back, at least I hope it does. :)

  6. I've definitely had seasons of surviving without thriving--they make the thriving (and the laughs!) all the sweeter when they come back!


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