3 October 2014

Millie Brave || Two Months

Eating || We are finally getting into a good groove for eating! The battle has been real friends..... Check out my recent breastfeeding post for all the deets.
This being said she is eating every 3-3.5 hours. I let her sleep a little longer in the morning and we seem to be on a really good schedule.

Sleeping || Millie is still doing well sleeping. Our schedule is pretty consistent now and we are all thriving by getting into a routine. I worked pretty hard this month on helping Millie to fall asleep on her own. I spent a lot of time in our room (she is still sleeping in the bassinet) after putting her down awake, helping her to learn to self soothe by guiding her hand to her mouth and using the shush/pat method. We had a lot of the 45 minute intruder (no idea what that is? read a post about it here) Other ways I've tried to help Millie sleep are the "pick up / put down" method, "wake to sleep" and just tiptoeing in to turn on the Sleep Sheep again at 40 minutes. As a result Millie has gotten SO good at self soothing and almost never cries out mid nap so I rarely have to go in anymore! I feel like I have so much more time with Hazel now that Millie is consistent and is able to put herself back to sleep through her sleep cycles.
At night she is still waking at 4am and I have just started to put the sleep sheep on to see if she will settle. Most of the time she doesn't settle after a few minutes and then I feed her. My hope is that she will gradually start waking later and later like Hazel did.

Doing || Millie is still smiling up a storm. Seriously, happiest baby everrrrr. And also cooing and 'talking' to us a lot. She really likes to talk to both Bob and Hazel and its pretty cute to hear Hazel repeat everything we say to Millie in her little toddler-speak; "Ohh HI feet-heart" "ooh boo" "feet litta gurl". Haha LOVE my girls! Millie is also pretty into her gym and really stares at the toys and has just started trying to hit them too.

Other || Not much else to report. We are really settling in as a family of 4. Millie is a tiny girl just like Hazel was and was the exact same weight as Hazel was at her 2 month appointment (although Hazel started off a pound heavier!! yikes!) Now that I know my babies grow slower than average Im feeling a lot more confident this time around. At my 2 month appointment with Hazel I remember crying all the way home because they questioned me as to why she was so small. This time when they asked me to come back in in a few weeks to check Millie's weight, I just said "no thank you"!! 
 I remember when Hazel was 3 months I felt like I came out of a bit of a fog, and she settled right into her routine and I knew more of what to expect from her. I feel like Millie is almost to that point and Im interested to see the difference between the first and second child in that respect. 

Seriously, how cute are those little geometric foxes?? Did I tell you how much I love that Target is in Canada now?

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