27 October 2014

Millie Brave | Three Months

If I could give birth to three month old babies I swear I would have 20 babies. Three months is my jam. I love love love this age. But as my Mom says, I do a haaaaiiilll of a lot of work to get my babies to this point (ok so my mom didnt really say haaaaiiilll like that...) but even still, 3 months is the sweet spot in infancy in my opinion.

EATING | Praise the Lord everything is great eating wise. Millie has finally mastered breastfeeding and I'm feeling confident that she is getting all she needs to eat. She is actually very adamant about 'telling' me when she is full these days, she just refuses to latch on again and almost shakes her head with pursed lips! Sometimes I try to force it a little bit more and she always spits up when I do so im learning to trust her when she 'says' she is done! She literally takes about 7 minutes to eat every time... I feel soo wary about that but like I said she wont take any more so I just go with it! 

SLEEPING | Millie has stayed exactly the same as far as sleep this past month. She goes down for naps easily and takes three 1.5 - 2 hour naps a day as well as a 30 minute cat nap. She is pretty good to roll with it on days we are out and has recently started sleeping in the car seat, a feat she would. not. do. before now. I do a dream feed at 10:30 and then she wakes at 5:30 and after a very quick feed is back down until 7:30 when I wake her for the day. 

DOING | Millie continues to be our smiling happy girl. Even in the middle of the night if she catches my eye in the dark she grins from ear to ear and often lets out a little squeal of delight! She sucks on her hands through the day and it looks like she might be a two finger sucker like her sister. Im definitely not against pacifiers but i am so far happy that Millie hasn't taken to one. 

OTHER | Millie went through a significant growth spurt this month. I said last month that she was a exact weight as Hazel was at her 2 month vaccinations. Well according to my Dr. exactly 2 weeks after that she was weighing in THREE pounds heavier! So she put on some major chunk! Im at least 90% contributing this to the fact that we dropped the nipple shield just a few days before the first appointment. She is also pretty long so it looks like she will be totally different from Hazel after all! 


  1. She's three months already?! Where the heck does the time go!! She is precious and sounds like a really great baby (props to you of course!) I know it takes a lot of work to get to that place for sure! Sounds like everything is going well for you guys! :)

  2. Beautiful baby girl! I'm interested in these dream feeds you speak of...I'm going to have to up my game in the sleep department with baby number two. I really had no idea with LB! haha!


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