24 October 2014

Dear Hazel: On your second birthday

** Hazel's Birthday was last Friday, October 17th. Unfortunately the post I wrote got deleted so Im posting this now so I have it for her in the future. Thank you for all of your birthday wishes for my sweet girl.

My sweet Hazel girl, you're two! Its been a whole 730 days since I first laid eyes on your sweet face. You bring an overwhelming amount of joy into our lives and I am continually amazed and blessed by your kindness, your sense of humour and your exuberance for life.

It seems you are learning at an incredible rate and your Daddy and I are just in awe of the different things you say and do each day. This morning before you were awake Daddy and I were talking about whether you knew it was your birthday today or not. Just minutes later we heard you yelling from your room "BIRTHDAY!! MOMMY, It's my BIRTHDAY TIME!!" I guess you knew!

You often wake up in the morning singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "Jesus Loves Me". You love to sing and you love to dance. We often dance in the kitchen and two of your favourite dance partners are Daddy and Nana, Daddy tends toward ballet while Nana is the step dancing queen. You love to dance along.

You love to have tea parties and know that when Millie goes down for her morning nap that its "Tea Party Time" with you and mama, and you don't let me forget it! :) Colouring is another favourite and its fun to see your imagination work as you tell me who and what you are drawing; usually kittens, horses, or Millie! You love your sister and often the first thing you say when we go in to get you in the morning is "See Millie??" You are such a good big sister and Millie can't take her eyes off of you as you walk around the room.

You love to talk and can string lots of words together to get your point across.  I love your little language and sometimes I hope you never learn to properly say some words because its just so cute! Some of your favourite things to say are "dat's bedder", "come on otterbudy (everybody)", "mommy hap ooo (help you/me)". You always say please (pees) and thank you (saa-soo), and almost always reply with 'okay mommy' after you're asked to do something. 

You are very inquisitive and it seems you take in everything we say and then want to repeat it, which gets Daddy and I into trouble sometimes! We also think you are very funny and we think you know it too since you get a knowing look on your face when you've said or done something funny. 

You love playing outside and going for bike rides and geocaching with Daddy and I love that you have that special time together. You teach us so much about love, about patience and you challenge us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

You are growing into a kind, funny, and joy filled girl and we can't wait to see what the next year will bring. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Hazel! I love all the sweet pictures, such a beautiful, happy girl.


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