12 October 2014

Currently || Vol.2

Bob wanted me to try out his new gun... so yeah... 

Hey!! SO glad you're here. Honestly guys I thought NO ONE was going to link up last week and I would be a total currently host failure! haha So a big thank you to everyone who did! I really loved reading what you all were up to!

So on to this week. If you are new here we are trying to shake things up a bit and will be writing our "Currently" with different promts each week. If you want to keep writing the way you like to and want to use your own 'categories' than feel totally free!

T H I N K I N G || How sad is it that im writing two Currently's back to back... meaning I didn't post anything else on the blog this week. I have got to get my blogging butt in gear! I do have about a billion posts written in my head though so thats gotta count for something right guys? This week I was just trying to do so many things; attend several coffee date/play groups, write and edit posts, annnd make things for the craft fair that I was supposed to be in on Saturday... so I was up all hours of the night sewing my butt off and of course, I got sick, and run down. I tried to push through and stayed up late on Friday night before the 'intended' show, hubs (bless his heart) was up with me doing my cutting! By the time 2am was looming Bob urged me to call it quits and really assess whether I was ready for this show... the verdict was no... I was pretty disappointed in some ways because I had worked so hard but my body was aching and my throat was burning so it was the wise decision! We ended up being able to have a nice family sleep in (All FOUR of us!!) and just spent a nice day together. 

M A K I N G || Ha... haaaa.... making. I feel like im making all. the. things. seriously friends. I have been crafting my little heart out! But Im also kind of all over the place! I need to just figure out what I really want to make an then stick to it! I mostly make some pretty sweet little button earrings and I've done pretty well selling them at some local shops here but I get tired of making them and want to move on to something new and exciting! Can't I just have a shop that sells random things? haha! My love recently bought me a Silhouette cutting machine. After staring at it for 2 days scared to do anything with it I have been cutting up a storm and I have only just started to explore what I can do with this thing! I'll share some projects soon! 

A N T I C I P A T I N G || My beautiful sisters wedding in the mountains! We are packing up our little fam and heading across the country to Alberta and British Columbia for 10 days of fun and celebration! Im a little nervous to be gone so long with TWO kiddos but I know it will be such a wonderful trip too! Love making memories! Check out where we are staying for the actual wedding... mountain love! 

W E A R I N G || This would normally be a tricky question for me. I really just included this in the promts so I could be inspired by what you're wearing... but luckily it was Thanksgiving this weekend (Canadian peeps halla!) so this girl got dressed up! Bam! I got a new shirt and bag and they weren't even on sale... I never do this... which bring me to the little announcement that I have decided to do a Capsule Wardrobe!! Its something I have been thinking about for a while now after first reading about it a couple of years ago from Hayley over at The Tiny Twig. Then when Jenna jumped on the band wagon and linked over to UnFancy, I loved how she broke it all down, gave tips and even shared her budget!! Good on her! I think though, that I probably have the opposite problem of most people who do the capsule wardrobe... they may spend too much on clothes and have too many... I don't spend enough and have too few.... but you'll have to look forward to my post to hear more about that! 

talk about awkward bathroom selfies....

T H A N K F U L  F O R || Like I said, it's Thanksgiving here so I've done a lot of reflecting on what I'm thankful for. First is my home. Not just our actual house but this Island, this country. I mean really... look at this place... 

Aren't those pictures STUNNING!! They were taken by my friend Kathie and you can see more over at A Sparrow's Home. Seriously, PEI is just so dreamy! I can't believe I get to live here and be home with my babies and raise them, what a privilege! 

Im thankful for fall walks and chats with friends. Sharing life. 
Thankful for so many little things, morning family cuddles under warm blankets, little baby smiles and laughs, and the honour of being wife to a good man. 

Sunny Sunday walk with friends

So... what are you up to currently? 

NEXT WEEKS PROMPTS: Feel free to also add a little bit about your week too :)  



  1. I am UBER jealous of that amazing place you are staying in the mountains! It looks phenomenal!

    I'm so sorry you didn't make it to your craft fair! I know i would be so bummed - your story totally sounds like how it will go here if I ever decide to take the plunge and sign up for a show. I'm hoping for next spring or summer...maaaaybe. We'll see.

    Hope you have the best week! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Love your new blog layout!!!! :) Those fall photos are simply glorious!!!

  3. You are going to love the capsule wardrobe! Just finished mine this weekend - can't wait to blog about it!

  4. You live in such a beautiful place! And your lodging for your sister's wedding looks so dreamy. Hope you post a ton of pictures of the inside when you're there!

  5. Wonderful Currently post Hannah! So sorry missed your craft show and that you got run down! Can't wait to see pictures of your sister's wedding...That cabin looks gorgeous! And those fall pictures are so pretty! God created a beautiful world! I love this time of year. Have a great week! :)

  6. Some day I am soooo coming to visit you! PEI is just beautiful. Also very jealous of your family weekend getaway for your sisters wedding, it looks like a gorgeous location. So excited to see you hosting this every week, you need a button!! :)

  7. Ooops, I used next week's prompts! Oh well, I'm still linking up :) Thanks for maintaining the link-up!

  8. I just LOVE your shooting photo! I love target shooting. I haven't done it in a few years, but I definitely want to get back to it.
    I also would LOVE to have a shop that sold random things. I love to craft all kinds of random things, not one genre in particular! hahaha
    Gorgeous photos & that wedding will be AMAZING! I love that picture of that cabin in the mountains, WOW!
    Have a great week!
    -Becky with Choose Happy

  9. Hannah! I love this link up! It's so nice to be able to join in :-) I'm going to absolutely do my best to join in every week now :-) I have taken a break from The Active Mum for a while so I'm linking up my personal blog. have a great week x

  10. Oh thats wonderful Aanika! Can't wait to read what you guys are up to! jealous that its probably starting to get very warm there! :)

  11. Thanks Becky! My husband would love it if I went out to shoot with him more! I only did a few shots on that day and he was begging me to shoot more but the girls were asleep in the car! haha! Definitely can't wait for our trip to the wedding! should be fun and beautiful too! Thanks for linking up today!

  12. haha no worries at all Suzanna!! Can't wait to read it! thanks for linking up!

  13. I would LOVE you to visit! That would be so much fun. It really is so beautiful here. Although Alaska is on my list too someday! I do need a button! I will have to get on that!

  14. Thats awesome Rachel! Thanks for linking up! cant wait to read yours!

  15. Thanks Chelsea! yeah it was a bummer about the craft show but I know I made the right decision. I have another one coming up anyway so at least I have a good start on lots of stock for the next show :)

  16. Thanks! I have a few more changes coming too! ha I feel like im never satisfied with my design! Dont suppose you have a reason to visit BC in November huh?? ;)

  17. yeah I was bummed about the craft fair too but it was the right decision! Doesn't that place look awesome! Can't wait to check it out! can you say rooftop hottub!! booya! ;)

  18. I'm late to the game (per usual and you will come to see this) but am so excited to be here! I love your blog, your photos (ohmagoodness!), and everything. Annnddd...you live on PEI which is dreamy because I love Anne with an E (sorry, I'm sure you get that a lot!)! I still am just loving those photos you shared. I just couldn't even imagine. It's so beautiful! The Fall colors everywhere! Oh and your sisters wedding! So fuN! Anywho, happy to link up and hope to do so more consistently :) Also, love how you have a love to craft. It makes me happy. Bummer that things got overwhelming but way to try! Hope your week is going well!


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