19 October 2014

Currently | Vol 3

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was jam-packed but lots of fun! We stayed at Bob's parents cottage this weekend, we had a leaders retreat for our youth group leaders Friday night and then we had a fundraising banquet for Camp Saturday night and Bob had to preach on Sunday! Busy Busy! So thankful my girls can both go with the flow and sleep in lots of different places! 

Thanks for joining in with us for Currently, can't wait to catch up on what you're up to. 
Next week I will be starting up cohosts again so please let me know if you are interested and I'll get you hooked up! 

D O I N G || Im currently avoiding cleaning up after Hazel's 2nd birthday party! Everyone just left and I got both girls in bed and I don't have a whole lot of ambition for picking up the party remnants. We did have a great time, we decided to just have a small family party again this year and I was so glad we did since our weekend proved to be so busy it would have been tough to pull off a big party. I tend to get stressed when I have people over. Its something I hate to admit but its true. I wish I could tell you I am a fab hostess able to seamlessly pull off an amazing party but truthfully I find it more stressful than anything. It seems that the elements that I try to make amazing I end up spending too much time on and then everything else gets thrown by the wayside and then the thing im trying to make awesome just falls flat! Case in point... I tried to make an awesome pintrest worthy cake for Hazel. I wanted to make a three layer rose cake... you know the one with the big piped roses on it... well my buttercream icing was so runny that the roses wouldn't keep their shape... fail. So I just ended up spreading it with a knife because I had done half of the cake and so couldn't add more icing sugar to stiffen it up. Cest la vie! It was still pretty cute and tasted good but I definitely spent way too much time obsessing over it... Check out my post from last year on the Age of The Pintrest Party. 

P L A N N I N G || For our upcoming trip. I mentioned last week that my sister is getting married across the country in the mountains. Its going to be a pretty awesome trip but the type A in me is slightly nervous about how travelling with two little ones is all gonna go down. Im starting to read every blog post and article I can on travelling with littles. If you have any tips mamas lay them on me! 

R E M E M B E R I N G || To find Joy in every day. Heck this blog is called Joyful Life. But if you read my recent post you'll know that my joy has been a little few and far between these days. Thats not at all to say we haven't been perfectly happy but there is something about Joy that is more than Happy. I found this quote over at Lil Blue Boo and I liked it so im sharing. If you haven't ever visited Lil Blue Boo you probably should... you'll like her, I promise. 

W I S H I N G || hmm wishing... I sometimes wish I could split myself in half and give every second of my attention to my home and my family and then have the other half do the things that I like to do for myself, like make things, read, drink tea.... is that weird? I love taking care of my sweet girls and Bob and my home SO much but sometimes I wish I could do those other things too! A balance is coming soon though.. I feel it! 

I am also wishing I got a few more shots from Hazel's birthday party! And that my blog post to her for her second birthday didnt get deleted.... boo! But im working on that again so it will just be belated! 

L O V I N G || Ok maybe this is lame but I am really loving my new Silhouette cutting machine. Seriously. This thing is awesome and does sooo many things. I made this sweet little "two" cake topper for Hazel's birthday and it literally took me like 2 minutes to whip that baby out. Im also working on these awesome magnetic "paper" dolls for Hazel too, I just have the dolls finished now but soon they will have clothes and accessories she can stick right on top with the magnets. The dolls are from one of my favourite fabric lines,  Sarah Jane Studios and they are soo cute! 

projects so far. The 'two' was cut with gold foil and the dolls cut on printable magnet paper

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  1. Sounds so awesome! Love that two on the birthday cake! I may need to look into getting one!

  2. I love your cut-out machine! So awesome. I had a similar moment making Ben's cupcakes for his party this year...the frosting turned out so runny and was totally not like my vision. I ended up spreading it on top and it still tasted great, even if they looked terrible. Ha! :) Best of luck on your travels Hannah...it can be so stressful for BW moms to do stuff like that (hahaha okay maybe just me), but all will be well. We are going to North Carolina next week and I am so anxious about the very long flight with Ben. Anyway, here's to joy and balance!

  3. Hostessing *is* stressful!! I bet the cake was delicious regardless of pinterest worthiness ;) Re travel, I have loads of tips for air travel - are you flying or driving? Just be forewarned that jet lag is even more painful with children...it takes a few days of adjustment, depending on how many hours of difference you're talking about.

  4. Happy 2nd birthday Hazel!! I am such a perfectionist when it comes to frosting cupcakes. Mason's birthday was the hottest day of the week so I scraped off frosting and re-piped because it was melting. Pretty sure people would have understood the melting frosting :) Please tell me more about this cutting machine. Is it like the Cricut? The only travel tips I can offer are to just take it one day at a time. I love our schedule but threw it out the window in Hawaii and to my complete surprise, Mason adjusted great. Good luck :)

  5. Parties are always so fun yet so stressful for the host! Frosting a cake is not a talent of mine at all! Hope the travels go well! I love the happiness vs joy- so true! Thanks for hosting!

  6. I know that feeling of wanting to split yourself in half to be able to do everything you need to (and want to) to. Those baby/toddler days are just so busy aren't they! Hope you have a great week and are able to find a bit of 'me time' :-)

  7. Hate that I just missed the link up. I didn't know it closed this early! Love your post though!!

  8. Aw Whitney Im so sorry!!! My account with the link up host expired so it ended early! SO very sorry about that! I will have at up for a week next time!


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