12 September 2014

Wonder Weeks || Millie - wonder week 5

Are you in on the Wonder Weeks? If not I'm about to blow your mind. The wonder weeks refer to 10 major developments or 'mental leaps' that babies go through in the first year of life. These 'leaps' are age linked and have been proven over 35 years of research by authors Hetty van de Rijt and Frans X. Plooi

With Hazel I found out about the wonder weeks around 10 weeks. She had just gotten through the second leap (though I didn't know it) and was about to enter into a new one. I didn't quite believe the whole thing and so I decided to test the theory with Wonder Week 12 (leap 3). To my surprise right on cue she started to act fussy and unpredictable... And wouldn't you know it, after the fussy time was over I realized she had new skills, just like they said she would. 

This time around I've decided to keep track of the Wonder Weeks as Millie experiences them and hopefully it will be helpful both to you and to me as I look back on this for future babes! 

Wonder Week 5 || Leap One 

If Millie had been my first baby I probably wouldn't have clued in to any sort of "off" behaviour during this week. I mean heck, you've got a new baby and you don't even quite 'know' them yet so who is to say that this behaviour isn't just their normal behaviour am I right? But having been in the know about wonder weeks with Hazel, I was able to recognize the tell tale signs when Millie started showing them. I got out my trusty Wonder Weeks app, entered in Millie's info (the wonder weeks works from baby's due date, since Millie was 8 days overdue it is a pretty important detail) and BAM... We are in Wonder Week territory. The first leap is all about Changing Sensations, they are starting to take more notice of the world around them. 

Behaviour: Millie cried much more often during this leap and was not easily pacified. She wanted to constantly be held and during this leap I hardly put her down. 

Sleep: I held Millie for almost ALL of her naps. She spent a lot of time in the carrier. She still did ok for night time sleep but was much harder to actually get to fall asleep. 

Appetite: This leap also coincided with a growth spurt for Millie so she was eating almost non-stop.
Development: After the leap Millie gave us her first smile (she is such a smiley baby!!!)  and we also noticed that she was holding our gaze longer and becoming more alert. 

All in all this leap wasn't too rough. The biggest thing was that I had to hold her more, but being as she is so new I didn't mind too much! :) Since we were at camp during this time it was easy to have her in the carrier while we were out and about around camp, going on walks with Hazel and playing at the playground. I think had she not been in the leap she would have spent just as much time in the carrier anyway! Man wearing your first baby is nice but wearing your second baby is a necessity in my opinion! 

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  1. I sooo need to download this app! Raina is seriously a happy/easy baby, but it makes it even more strange when she fusses more than usual. Thanks for sharing!!


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