1 September 2014

Currently :: September Goals

Welcome September! Im so excited to kick start the month by participating in two of my favourite link ups: Currently over at my dear friend Jenna's A Mama Collective and Goals With Grace over at The Tiny Twig. Join in or just enjoy reading along! 

Thinking:: Of Fall!! I cant tell you how much I'm looking forward to this month! I adore fall. So crisp, so fresh, so cozy. Apple cider, tea, boots, sweaters... what is not to love my friends? There is certainly part of me that is sad to see August go. I do love the summer (especially on my beautiful Island), but I'm ready for the change of seasons. 

Camp has ended here and everything is closed up for the winter. It is getting cold at night in our little summer home and its strange for everything to be so quiet and still out here. I have a lot of reflecting to do on the summer and our time as directors of this ministry; a lot of lessons learned, and a lot of blessings too. 

Im looking forward to getting back into our house in 'town', and to get everything settled! Our renters move out on the 5th. It seems weird that Millie hasn't even been in her own home yet!! I still have lots of work to do since our renovations in the spring and I promise I will show you those long overdue before and after shots! 

Reading:: I recently picked up The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Im pretty excited to delve into it.
 “Whenever we cannot love in the old, human way . . . God can give us the perfect way.” 

Watching:: Outlander... eek. Its so good so far. Im really wishing I had read the books instead but now that I'm into the show I can't stop watching. But guys, can we talk about all of the unnecessary nudity and sex scenes... honestly, I'm no prude but I also do not need to see that amiright? 

Thankful For:: We went on a mini vacation this weekend and it was just so sweet. It doesn't even matter that Millie absolutely hates her car seat and cried for 45 minutes on the way there and an hour on the way home.... ugh. But it really was a wonderful time together. We went to the Zoo and Hazel had an absolute blast and was amazing even though she missed her nap. She is really such a delight. As I was tucking her in bed that night I asked if she had a fun day and what she had done. She told me all about the animals she saw and how Daddy lifted her "up up up" and that she went swimming with her "baby-suit" on. I just love my sweet family. 

Now on to my September goals! I love this link up! I missed last month because well, ya know, I just had a baby and everything so nothing to report on what was accomplished... I think survival was a goal that was achieved!

1. Unpack everything from camp and reorganize the entire house, especially the girls room.
2. Finish decorating final touches. Still need a few pieces for the walls which im hoping to hunt down at Target!
3. Stay on top of laundry by doing one load a day.

1. Finish up long over due draft posts
2. Post semi-regularly again.
3. Finish design changes I have in mind.

1. debrief our summer and what areas we worked well in together and what areas we need to work on
2. Pray together in the mornings.
3. Have another couple over (this is actually good for our marriage! we love to host, and adult conversations are always life giving!)

1. Haircut... its gotta happen... so bad.
2. At least one evening out of the house without babies. (um probably just 2 hours..)
3. Read!


  1. Fall is the best! The Hiding Place will change your faith. Seriously, it is such a powerful story. I am excited for you to experience it for the first time. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Your daughters are so adorable. I love Hazel's description of the zoo. So precious!

  3. Hannah! So happy to see your "back" ;) oh man missed ya girl. Both of your girls,are so cute! Isn't it great now you can say things in plural? my kidS, my girlS?! It still isn't old for me. Love you goals, get it girl! xoxo

  4. Ah, your girls are adorable. I love your September goals, I need to write mine out like this!

  5. I am so excited for fall too!!!!!! Your girls are so cute. Seeing your goals reminds me how I need to start making monthly goals.

  6. Your girls are gorgeous. I am visiting through the Currently link up.

    I love that you said "survival was a goal that was achieved" Ha, isn't that the truth every month of motherhood?

    I love your monthly goals. I should definitely do that too.

  7. Loving these pics of your girls. SOOOOOO cute!!!
    Oh, me too. I love sweaters, apples, pumpkins and crisp fall air!
    Good luck moving back to your home & getting settled.
    Great goals for September. I just posted last night about mine!

    Stopping by from the link up. ~ Becky with Choose Happy


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