29 September 2014

Currently || September 29

Hi friends. Im so glad you are joining in for Currently today. Im excited to be cohosting with my dear friend Jenna today. BUT I'm even more excited to tell you that as of next week I will be the host of Currently! I am so so honoured that Jenna has asked me to take over this awesome link up. Jenna and I both have a heart for building community among women and I only hope that I can continue to foster the amazing community that this link up is becoming, and Im so excited to get a glimpse into your daily lives! I have lots of ideas for the link up and I hope that you will all be excited about them too! If you have any ideas on how to make this link up even better please feel free to share them with me.

T H I N K I N G || Discipline. Oh heavens. Hazel is testing me to no end these days. I have definitely been questioning my responses and evaluating my discipline choices. Real talk guys... Its tough to be consistent in discipline. I know its the best way. I know that consistency is the key, and I've been keeping up pretty well, but sometimes its tiring to constantly say no... What are you're parenting tips and tricks? I would love for you to share them!

R E A D I N G || I've been really enjoying the "Motherheart of God" series over at Adriel Booker's blog. My friend Becca recently wrote a post called "God is a Midwife" and its really beautiful. The whole series is really interesting and might rub you the wrong way just a little bit but will also make you think a lot too.

D O I N G || As I mentioned last week, I've been starting the journey toward getting back in shape. I decided to NOT do Insanity... cause... um I don't think I'm ready for that and instead took a few peoples suggestions to do T25 instead. I found it online right here so I was pretty pumped about that! I have done 2 days so far and mannnn its tough... but im really excited! It felt so good to be back at it!

E N J O Y I N G || We are having amazing weather and we have been enjoying it so much. I think its so important to get kids outside, and to get myself outside too! We have a much better day if we are out and about, even just exploring the yard and playing on the playset. My friend Andrea wrote an awesome post about the importance of Raising Kids Outdoors, check it out!

Thanks for joining in with Currently today! I hope you'll all come back next week as I host my very first Currently! Contact me if you are interested in a guest host opportunity!



  1. Congratulations Hannah on becoming the new Currently host!!! So after reading your post last week I decided to start working out too. I did a Jillian Michaels workout, WOW yeah she has some crazy hard stuff going on. I don't think I'm ready for T25. I am kind of excited to read what others say about discipline, Mason is testing the waters and it is just flat out hard and frustrating some days! Ps. I would love to co-host anytime :)

  2. Congrats on being the new host for Currently! I look forward to reading your posts. Your daughter, Hazel, is beautiful. Saying 'no' all day does get tiresome, but in a few short years, you'll be happy you stayed consistent. Now that my son is older (six), he asks me whether he can do things ahead of time, and he's pretty sure he'll be awarded in some way when he does "good things" like clean up his messes, help with chores around the house, or share with his friends. Enjoy this wonderful time with your little girl, oh, and good luck with T25. You can do it :)

  3. I'm so excited! This was my first time linking up with currently and I love this community! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!

  4. How exciting that you're going to be hosting this now Hannah! Yay! Also, I hear you on the consistency. I think that might be one of the hardest thing about having two - it's so easy to let things slide when you're dealing with baby :/

  5. I am excited to join you in your Currently series. I have been joining along with the group for the last 28 weeks & I am excited for the next 28!
    What an adorable baby!!! Super cute pics!!
    Discipline. Something I also need to work on. My kids have been testing me something fierce lately.
    ~Becky with Choose Happy :)

  6. Thanks Becky!! Can't wait to read what you have been up to this week :)

  7. ohh yes. Im definitely thankful that Bob works from home as much as he does and is able to help out when Im nursing Millie and Hazel is having a meltdown!! eek!! Can't wait to read some of the posts you have planned!!


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