21 September 2014

Currently || September 22

Another week another currently! Wow the weeks just seem to fly by around here. I wish I had more time for blogging but it seems its not high on my priority list these days. Bob and I will be continuing on with Camp work off season and since he is also back at the church as youth pastor I will be bearing the brunt of Camp work. So a lot of my (very little) free time is going to that.

So this weeks theme for Currently is Fall! 

Millie and Hazel enjoying Fall || Our new chalkboard wall in the playroom

Does Fall make anyone else want to get into shape? I donno about you but when the weather gets cooler it makes me want to get out and go for a run! I went for 3 walks this week with friends and it was so nice! I love when its cool and sunny! Im really wanting to think about loosing the baby weight... Im starting to hit that breastfeeding plateau and I'm no longer loosing weight magically just by breastfeeding alone. So Im thinking about doing some working out here at home. I would love to hear some recommendations for programs. I have done Jillian Michaels and Im interested in doing something different, maaaaybe even P90X? I always find it difficult to loose weight and I promised myself that after Millie I would get back into shape... the shape I was in before Hazel.... So Im feeling motivated. Anyone with me?

Fall also makes me wanna get crafty! I had a really long hiatus from wanting to do any sort of craft projects and thankfully its just starting to come back. Im currently working on a really sweet pair of leggings for Hazel and I might even make a mini pair for Millie too. Im using this pattern from Melissa Esplin, and the cutest little deer print interlock fabric I received from an Etsy swap! 

Hazel reading her book to Mr. Bear || Hazel picking pumpkins 

Fall also makes me think about friendship and coffee/tea dates. I don't seem to have a ton of time for coffee dates these days unless they happen at my house! But I just love to hang out with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. We are so blessed to have so many good friends and I can't wait until our small group starts back up again. 

Speaking of tea. I think the perfect fall drink is Chai tea. I have been craving it like crazy and often have a cup in the afternoons when my babes are sleeping. If Im really lucky and Im caught up on the laundry and dishes then I get cozy on the couch and read my book. Im currently reading "Loving Our Kids on Purpose" by Danny Silk. You might remember that I read a book of his a few months ago called "Keep Your Love On" both are excellent and im only a little into "Loving our Kids" but I like it so far. I think its similar to "Love and Logic" if you have heard of that book, but maybe a little heavier on the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

We are having a great fall so far. How about you? 


  1. ooh my goodness your babies are just precious!!!! :)
    and Fall also makes me want to get into shape soo bad! But then the pumpkin pie looks just too good.. i'm definitely losing at that game ;) love your blog!

  2. Fall definitely makes me want to be more active! The cool air and all the gorgeous things happening outside make me want to jog, bike and hike all day, every day. It really is an energizing season! Your little ones are adorable! Have a great week!

  3. Your littles are precious!!! And Chai Tea! Yes Please!

  4. Thanks Alycia! Its nap time here now and Im just about to make a cup!! :)

  5. Thanks Megan! Its another gorgeous day here and we will definitely be out for a walk soon! Do you get to do much hiking? I wish we had some good hiking spots but living on an island thats pretty much flat is pretty limited that way!

  6. Thank you so much Katie! haha and soo true about the pumpkin pie... and apple pie and tasty Starbucks drinks etc.... eek

  7. Oh gosh, I am with you on the wanting to get active once fall rolls around. And the friend coffee/tea dates :) Haha

    I tried P90X it was SO hard and the videos were way too long, I do love Jillian michaels though :)

    I miss PEI this time of year so much, I just want to walk down a colorful red dirt road.

  8. I've been feeling like I need to work out too! I just want my clothes to fit :( I've had great luck with insanity, another beach body program and have been doing some of the workouts when I can squeeze it in.

    Millie is so so sweet in that hat and I just love the chalkboard wall! You are so creative and what you drew on the wall is just beautiful (and a great reminder). Love it!

  9. Yes, yes, yes, Oh, yes. Same feelings entirely. Fall gives me the bug to move and shake big time. Just read latte everyday/Megan's post and there was discussion about a fall bucket list. Thinking that might be the way for me to make sure I cover all the fall-awesomeness. :)
    Have a great week!

  10. I second Insanity. Compared to P90x, it has a lot more cardio, you don't need equipment, and the videos are shorter. I like both though!


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