28 August 2014

Millie Brave :: 1 Month

My Millie girl is one month old! We are finishing up Camp and will soon be heading home and returning to our 'regularly scheduled programming' :) Ive decided, with inspiration from my friend Andrea to document the months as they go by. I did this for Hazel but not on the blog and I would really love to have this to look back on.

It is amazing to grow in love for another little being. I am continually amazed at my own capacity for love and my own resilience as I navigate mothering two. Balancing Millie's more physical needs with Hazel's more emotional needs. Millie has already changed and grown so much; its astonishing how time slips by. I picture myself writing her 6 month or one year update and it seems so far from now but I know it will surprise me with its suddenness. 

Eating: I am breastfeeding Millie, and unfortunately I have run into similar problems that I had with Hazel. I have had to use a nipple shield, as I did with Hazel, though Im confident that Millie will be able to drop it much sooner and I have already gotten her latched on a number of times without it... but its a pretty poor latch so I will continue to work on it with her until her mouth is bigger and she is stronger. It is annoying, but I'm grateful for this piece of plastic that has enabled me to feed my babies. It's funny how before you have a baby you think your breasts are totally fine, then you need to sustain a life with them and bam they are all too big and flat nippled! Haha

Sleeping: Praise the good Lord I have been blessed with another good sleeper! Millie goes 5-6 hours between feedings at night. I feel like a real human! I'm fairly convinced though, that this is due in part to the fact that I have her on a schedule. As I did with Hazel I feed Millie on a schedule of every 3 hours. And yes this does often require me to wake her up to feed her. The theory is that if they get enough nutrition through the day then they won't wake at night. I also make sure she isn't snacking and instead getting full feedings. Of course if she wakes early or seems to be hungry than I feed her. It has been more difficult to keep to the schedule than with Hazel and we have all had to learn to go with the flow a bit more. 

Millie is starting to be awake more through the day, but I try to keep an eye on her sleepy cues and keep her up not much more than 60 minutes total (basically only enough to nurse, burp and change her bum). Hazel was easy going when she got over tired but Millie is not as good when she gets over tired or over stimulated! Bad news my friends. If she gets past the 60 minute point she will be very difficult to get down at all. 

Millie loves to be rocked and held and will sleep like a log in my Moa Po Mai Tai carrier. I do love to wear her but have found that while with Hazel babywearing was just a nice way to have her close and to bond, with Millie being the second baby, babywearing is absolutely essential! I will often wear her for at least one nap a day while Hazel and I head out to the playground. 

Doing: Millie has started to smile at 4 weeks. She is a very smiley baby! She certainly has her fussy moments but it seems that when she is happy she is very very happy! 

Other: Millie had some major issues with gas and trouble with bowel movements. I was still confident she was getting lots of milk because she has a lot of wet diapers but since she was born she hasn't been much of a pooper! The gas pains were also really difficult for about a week and a half and I was beside myself trying everything to relieve her (and me of her inconsolable crying!). I tried gripe water which was good for hiccups, Infacol, and a homeopathic medicine. The infacol was pretty successful but I was hoping to find something else that would be a bit more natural and preventative. I gave probiotics a try and they were amazing! They worked like a charm within an hour of me giving them to her the first time. I give them to her every day now and while they are pretty expensive they are well worth it in my books. She went from a week of screaming crying to a week that I have hardly heard her cry at all! 

We did also go through a Wonder Week during this time, which I hope to write about in more detail to keep track as well. 

We are all really enjoying tiny bits of Millie's personality starting to emerge and we love to see how Hazel interacts with her. I can't wait to see what the next month will bring for our sweet girl. 

Millie at one day old

Millie 4 days old 

One week old

8 days old with her bff Isaiah on the day he was born!


  1. Excellent thinking with the probiotics! Are they liquid? I'm sure you are doing an amazing job with two littles who need you for everything, even though it might not feel like it day to day. :) You know I love BW, but definitely think the second child needs to go with the flow more, so naps in a carrier are probably the way to go! Glad you're doing the monthly update! I love reading about babies and what they are up to. I also found that organizing it like this is helping for looking back at a quick reference.

  2. Yes! They are liquid! (Liquid gold in my opinion, haha!) We originally got the powder because we couldn't find the liquid but it was tough to give it too her (I would just let her suck it off of my finger) but its been great since we got the liquid ones. I am definitely still so thankful for BW and am rigid about certain things but Im so glad that I have relaxed a little bit on other things with Millie because I think if I didn't I would be letting myself down a lot! Its just soo hard to have such high expectations and control over everything. I think Hazel would also suffer if I wasn't a bit flexible too. Just learning as I go!


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