11 August 2014


All the glorious goodness of today collided for one hot second and here I am sitting. Two sleeping babes and a clean(ish) house. And for once I don't feel like sleeping myself, or taking a bath... My two most common downtime activities in recent weeks. So I thought I would share my currently with you.

Thinking :: my mind is so full these days. If I, not thinking about when Millie needs to eat next or how long she slept for than I'm thinking about Hazel and how she is doing and what she needs. And then if not that than I'm thinking about Camp and all of the intricacies of managing a staff of 42 young people. Currently my cup is full. Occasionally I find it to be spilling over and making a big mess, often it is just quivering on the brim but other times it feels just good and full and satisfying. 

Listening to :: happy kids outside my door. It's pretty interesting to live at a camp where virtually there is almost always something fun happening. Our staff has done an amazing job at creating a great program for the kids who come here for a week of their summer. It's been so awesome for Hazel to participate in camp life this year and to really love it. You'll often hear her trying to call people in for chapel on the walkie-talkies or walkie-hockies as she calls them. I also caught her singing "My Lighthouse" today and she always prays for at least one of her 'camp friends' (the staff) every night by name without any prompting from us. It really is a blessing to raise her in this environment. 

Reading :: a million articles on gas and reflux!! Ughhhh guys... Give a girl some tips will ya? Millie is squirming every evening in discomfort as she has pretty bad gas. I don't think it's as bad as some peoples little babes have it as she can be consoled by just keeping her upright and holding her but since Hazel didn't have this issue it's pretty difficult to deal with when you're used to a baby who would just sleep and eat with no trouble at this age. I have to be pretty diligent about getting burps out of Millie which I can be pretty slack about in the middle of the night.... Eek. Thankfully she is sleeping amazing at night and only seems to be really bothered by gas in the evenings. 
I'm currently giving her probiotics hoping that will help and have also tried gripe water, any other suggestions? 

Thankful for :: oh gosh well the obvious! My children and husband! But I'm also so thankful I'm feeling so well. I had a long recovery after Hazel's birth and I'm so thankful that this time I've felt 100% back to normal so quickly! I even conquered my first outing with both kiddos by myself yesterday... Which only started to fall apart toward the very end! I miss timed my departure and should have left earlier which would have been a lot more graceful and had a lot less tears... From all three of us!! Haha 
I'm also thankful Hazel has transitioned to being a big sister so well. So far she has taken the change wonderfully and Millie's name is the first on her lips when she wakes up in the morning, always wanting to see 'Baby Mimi' right away! 


  1. Glad to hear you're transitioning well into the mama of two role! What a little sweetheart, Millie is! Scarlett had wicked bad gas and reflux as a baby, we noticed a huge difference with the pro biotics though so you're on the right track!

  2. No suggestions just commiseration. Raina is exactly the same, and Riggs wasn't. In the evenings she wants to be held upright *just so* or fuss fuss fuss. And the squirming and screeches makes me feel so bad for her! But it seems to have gotten better over the last two weeks. Hang in there! She is such a beauty!

  3. No suggestions here. But, your children are ADORABLE!!

  4. Both of your girls are beautiful! So glad to hear that Hazel is doing well and to read a post of yours! I've missed your blog! :) LB had pretty bad gas when he was a newborn also, and the gripe water seemed to work wonders for him. I've also read that tummy time, "bicycling their legs," and laying them on their bellies across your forearm can help... You are such a good mama!

  5. What absolutely ADORABLE children you have!! and your baby girl. Awww. CUTE!!!!!
    I hope you find some relief soon for her tummy issues & reflux. I hate when our babies don't feel well.

    Stopping by from the link up. I am Becky with Choose Happy :)


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