5 July 2014

// 38 WEEKS //

: 38....

Feeling: Swollen feet and being hot are my biggest complaints right now... Some days I feel amazing and only feel about 30 weeks 

Hazel is: getting excited for her new baby sister. She goes in to look in the bassinet in our room several times a day asking 'Where baby?' And 'out soon mummy?'. Pretty sweet! I have been loving having some special moments with her these last couple of weeks. 

Movement: definitely running out of room in there but still some pretty painful kicks and jabs happening. Along with some twisting and rolling! But she is still head down and comfortable! 

Nursery: Got the bassinet set up in our room this week and everything organized and laid out! Though I realized I don't actually have many clothes for this little sweet girl! I borrowed a lot of size 0-3 from friends for Hazel and gave them back to them already so I think ill at least have to buy some more sleepers and onesies! 

Reading: again nothing baby related. I still need to brush up on my comfort measures books and articles! 

Excited for: obviously for baby to make her debut! I feeeel like I might go early?? But doesn't everyone say that? Haha. Truthfully though it's probably best if I don't so we can get as much 'normal' time while we settle into camp. Kids come next week, so it will be good to get through next week without having the baby just so we can settle into the role a bit.

Other tid bits: truthfully I go back and fourth every week between having great days and days filled with anxiety over what on earth we are doing! Sometimes I can't believe that we are bringing a baby home to camp in just a couple of weeks time, with Bob in a new job and trying to support him and trying to be all things to all people. Although at other times I feel like we will be fine. It is certainly a lesson in drawing my strength from The Lord and finding peace from Him when I feel overwhelmed. Isn't that how it should be though! :) 


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