2 June 2014


May! Where did you go! Seems like I just was sitting down to write these goals and now here I am to check them off! Welcome June, you are much anticipated, you are the month we move to camp, the month I can say "My baby is due next month" and the month of delightfully sweet PEI weather. Its two days in and I love you already! 

So lets review how I did on my May Goals... 


1. Finish painting and decorating upstairs and playroom. Done! Although I still have a bit of decorating to do on the nursery upstairs I decided not to fully decorate with too many personal items since we are renting the house out for the summer. 
2. Wash and pack up newborn clothes to take to camp. Done! We are moving out this week and I have a list of things to pack up each day that Im actually sticking to! 


1. Write and schedule 2-3 posts in advance for the following week. ok I'm gonna call halfsies on this one... I mostly did pretty well on this one and only fell a tiny bit behind one week. Boy does it ever make blogging easier! 
2. Email guest post invites to my ladies for when babe is born. Done and guys... I CANT WAIT for you to read all of the posts from the AH-mazing ladies I have lined up! 


1. Encourage and affirm Bob daily. ..... Definitely failed at this one several days out of the month... WHY is it so hard to be intentional about this! 
2. Be gracious when working together! I think we did pretty well on this one! It was a month of working together and while things got heated a few times, I think we learned to be more gracious with each other. Part of this is also the book im reading called "Keep Your Love On" by Danny Silk. 

ME -

1. Starting each morning with quiet time Ok I didn't do it every single morning but I did pretty well at this and it has made a HUGE difference on how I start my day. I don't know how I got out of the habit, I think maybe just being tired with this pregnancy, but starting the day focusing on the Lord and not myself im convinced is the only way to be the person I want to be through the rest of the day (*ie: gracious, loving, kind, patient... ahem kinda like Jesus...)
2. Exercise as often as I can I'll admit I'm not doing so hot on this one... 
3. Daily inversions to get this baby in the right position!  Almost daily! Check out my post here for more about this. 

Not too shabby right guys? 

So here are my goals for June! 


1. Pack up everything (and clean for renters) and move to Camp! 
2. Make our place at camp more 'homey' 


1. Continue scheduling posts 
2. Schedule all posts for when baby arrives! 


1. Go on at least 2 dates! 
2. Pray together more about Camp/Direction especially! 


1. Go easy on myself and don't compare myself to other women in my life. 
2. Get a haircut and um wax (TMI?) before baby! (seriously guys I have to write this one down because I suck at making appointments for myself)

Thats it! I'm joining in with some lovely ladies to share our goals and encourage each other in them! HA Im already laughing at what my July Goals might be ( 1. Have a baby 2. Survive 3. Shower ) ;) Surely it won't be that bad right? 


  1. I need to schedule posts like that! I have post ideas, but I never write them down so then I'm always playing catch up the night before. I'm glad it's going well for you :)

    And HOW did you make that graphic?? That June font is gorgeous. Seriously, you have the eye friend :) PS -- Can you ask me to be your friend on FB so we can chat? I just messaged you but it went to your "others."

  2. Hannah- I cannot believe you are moving pregs! We moved when I was 7 months pregnant- the moving part was easy peasy because everyone did the work, but then the unpacking?! ugh. Girl. I be prayin'. But isn't the thought and reality of new beginnings exciting??! Great Goals. Love me some goals!

  3. So funny! I figured the way you two gals churn out posts you would be super organized! Always love your ideas and obviously its working so I say keep doing what your doing. Though scheduling is kinda nice too. haha its hard to save it though, im always pumped about what I write and want to hit 'publish' right away!
    The june graphic is one of the ad ons in rhonna, its under the design tab and not the fonts ;)

  4. AHH Cassie! I know I think im a little crazy! I keep having nightmares that my water breaks in the middle of the cafeteria or chapel at camp in front of 200+ kids! haha!! So I definitely value your prayers! :) The one plus side about being at camp is that my cleaning is minimal since we have a much simpler lifestyle/'house' there and I don't have to cook! bonus!

  5. I love your #1 under "Me" that is so hard to do sometimes isn't it?? I just moved and don't envy you doing it pregnant! Good luck and make sure you rest enough!

  6. You did great on your May goals!

    Came to visit from hayley's link-up

  7. I feel ya on your Me #1. One of my goals for the month (or for life, really) is to lower my expectations. I can't do it all, I'm not expected to, and shouldn't be disappointed when I can't. Hope your last month of babymaking goes smoothly!


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