13 June 2014

Friday Faves // Blog Crush Edition // Vol 2.

Guys! I had SO much fun a couple of weeks ago sharing my favourite blog crushes with you all that I thought I would make it at least a semi regular thing! So here we go!

| LIFE |

I can't imagine that you haven't heard about the amazing blog, Today's Letters. I have shared before about truly how much I love this blog. Emily and occationally her husband Tim write love letters to each other and to life. Their words are some of the most beautifully simple yet profound I have ever read. I love that Emily and her husband met at Camp and are Christian camp peeps like Bob and I. They just had their first daughter named Brave (which I love and have often considered as a middle name for baby 2). I can't wait to follow their journey through parenthood, I convinced that if they do it as awesomely as they do life, letting The Lord lead them, they will be pretty amazing at it. Don't miss their sweetness.


Annapolis and Company is one of the most lovely blogs out there in my opinion. I love Mary Beth's way of weaving simple, honest and beautiful words along with stunning pictures. She is a mom to three sweet kiddos and has another on the way, and the founder of the Everyday Project. She writes about a lot of things, motherhood being just one, but she has a way of making you feel like you're a friend reading about another friends life.


Kristin Schmucker's blog is a real gem. If you're looking for some inspiration, encouragement from The Lord or something to spur you on you'll find it over here. She also has a (beautiful) devotional journal called Joy in Christ which you can pick up at her Etsy shop, I've heard nothing but great reviews!



Tea Talk. Seriously, Chelsea at Tea Talk is the cutest! I always love the outfits that she puts together, even though I know I couldn't pull off some of them I have definitely gotten some tips from this lady! She is definitely a great one to pop in on if you need some quick outfit inspiration!



Soho Sonnet Creative Living is my new blog to watch for design and diy inspiration. Sonnet is amazingly creative and I always love each of her posts. I'm pretty convinced that this blog and the sweet writer and creative genius behind it will go far! Be sure to check out her print shop too!!


  1. Loved this post and started following a few of these, thank you!

  2. I love Mary Beth's blog! She's one of my favorites. Today's Letters sounds like a new favorite! Love this series.

  3. Love these kinds of posts... I am going to have to go check these ladies out!!

  4. Oh!!! some of these blogs are my favorites!! I am excited to find more :)

  5. Awesome Lindsey!! Thanks for reading!

  6. I love Mary Beth's blog too! So sweet! You will really LOVE Today's Letters, its the most beautiful blog I have ever come across and one of the first I started to follow! :)

  7. Thanks Lisa! Hope you find some you connect with! :)

  8. yay! I love drawing attention to some of the amazing bloggers out there! Like you!! haha you are totally on my list! :)


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