2 June 2014

Currently | June 2

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Thinking: Guys, this weekend. It was SO so good. Its been a while since I was feeling like I had so much energy and felt good in my preggo body. While I am feeling pretty large these days I think Im wearing it pretty well... and not paying too much attention to the people (random strangers) who make me feel otherwise ( ** oh only 34 weeks? you've got a long way to go yet!... ** hm thanks really helpful). 

We started off the weekend heading out to camp to bring out a load of our stuff and because we were having the last Youth Group fun day of the year out there. As soon as we arrived out I breathed a sign of contentment. I LOVE camp. I just feel so at home. The picture below (I know its kinda crappy and just looks like a dandelion field to you maybe) but its taken from our deck out there and it is just so amazing to wake up every day to breathe in the ocean and be surrounded by so much joy! It really is a special place. We are so blessed God chose us to be there.  

We headed back out to camp on Sunday evening for a sweet BBQ with friends. We are missing many of our community here but man do we love these people. God has richly blessed us with friendships. Wish the pic was better of Hazel though! HA! 

Reading: This morning I was reading Isaiah 30:1-2 and this hit me hard... "Woe to you... who has set out to go down to Egypt and have not asked me" ...... OH DANG... This just reminded me of so many times I have 'set out' to do something without even asking the Lord if this is where He wants me to go! Bob and I were just talking about this the other day how with ministry sometimes you start something and then later ask the Lord to bless it... when maybe he didn't want you to do it in the first place... Definitely something to think about this week! 

Listening: Have you heard this song... 

Im sure you have but I hadn't and heck... I love it! I may or may not be making a little Fathers Day project for Bob featuring this song, that I seriously can hardly work on without becoming a blubbering mess... I blame the pregnancy hormones... 

Watching: This gorgeous fabric become something even more beautiful! I love creating. Though I admit I have a hard time cutting up such beautiful fabric. This fabric is called "Timber and Wolf" from Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics. Seriously, its stunning! I agonized over a pattern for a quilt for my nephew (it was supposed to be done for his birth... but he will be receiving it on his first birthday... FAIL) But I could not decide and so it remained uncut, then I cut it... then freaked out and hated the pattern I cut it into... then decided to work with it and made a simple strip quilt. I have NEVER quilted before, and lemme tell ya... it aint easy! I have to do up the binding and then its finished but I do really like how its turning out! 

Thankful: Can I be thankful every week for these two? haha! They are just amazing though and I am SO incredibly blessed to be wife and mama. And I need to remember that in every moment when maybe it doesn't seem like such a blessing and I kinda want to run away for an hour.... yeah... 


Last Weeks Goals:

1. Wake up every morning by 6:30am...    NAILED IT!! I Love love love this goal! It was awesome! You should totally join me in this friends! Waking up before everyone else is the bomb   2. Pack up clothing we wont be taking to camp and store in basement    DONE! Can't wait to get out there! 
3. Find and buy anniversary gift! --- FAIL.... I need HELP!!! 

This weeks Goals: 

1. Pack up ENTIRE house to move... eeks! 
2. Finish binding on quilt and ALL other unfinished sewing projects! 
3. Spend time in prayer with Bob about the summer!

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  1. What a great reading! I've been going through something similar and just this weekend I sat down and actually prayed about some of the decisions I've already made (without prayer) and asking how I should continue now. Glad to know I'm the not the only one who sometimes acts before praying about it.

  2. Camp. isn't it the best?! Can't wait to go to our annual catholic camp at the end of this month, it is so good for the soul. um, and that fabric? SO cute!

  3. Were spending our whole summer at our lake camp and we love it! What a beautiful view you have!

  4. Um I'm obsessed with that fabric! If I knew how to sew or was even the least bit crafty if be purchasing that stat. But my talents lie elsewhere.😒 anywhoos so happy you guys are almost threw the whole moving sheenanigans and fully at camp. What a great summer it's gonna be for you!

  5. Very fun summer ahead for sure!! And isn't that fabric so sweet! I kind of wish it was staying in my house and not going to my nephew... sweet as he is! haha I will have to come up with some amazing way to use the scraps... I never throw out scraps... its a problem! ;)

  6. Aw sounds so nice Krista!! As much as I am a beach girl I love love lakes too! Something so refreshing about a lake. Since I live on an island there aren't too many lakes around here!

  7. Oh man Lisa, its pretty much the story of my life! Sadly... Im always running full steam ahead into something that I know is 'good' but maybe isn't exactly what the Lord has for me. So hard to wait for the answer, but its so much better when we are in His will and know it! Bless you!

  8. What an amazing weekend!! YAY! I love fun camping weekends. Love your pics! and the fabric is GORGEOUS!

  9. Stopping by from the link-up. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! One of the skills I would really like to learn is sewing/quilting. That fabric you picked up really is beautiful!!


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