9 June 2014

Currently // Camp Edition

A little late getting linked up for 'Currently' this week and I won't be following the typical format but still wanted to get a post up!

So I am currently at Camp! We got all moved in on Friday and while my real house is still pretty messy I'm getting organized in our little apartment here at camp. For those who don't know, my husband is the assistant executive director at a Christian Kids Camp. We essentially are being 'trained' to take over the Directorship together either next year or whenever we and the current directors feel we are ready. It really is a huge blessing to be here and is honestly amazing to see The Lord bring about something that Bob and I have both been passionate about for many years. We feel very called to camp ministry and are amazed that our life has led this way since we both worked here over 10 years ago.

Camp is definitely a unique place to live, and raise kids (and ahem bring a newborn home to in 5 weeks or so.... Yikes!) We are really fortunate to have a wonderful apartment with our own rooms, bathroom, kitchen and living area. It may seem simple but to have a private space of our own for our family is really important to me and we are blessed to have it. The view we wake up to daily is stunning. We are surrounded by ocean on three sides and we have eleven acres of grounds for Hazel to explore. And hey... Having a pool, playground, Rock wall (not that I'm using it much these days), and countless other activities isn't bad either!

I've been thinking a lot about the benefits of being here for the summer. Our internet is pretty sketchy (so my posts may be infrequent) which is both a blessing and a curse as it causes lots of frustration but also is wonderful to be more 'off the grid'. I commented yesterday how I was missing out on so many cute photo ops wi Hazel because I tend to not carry my phone around with me! I guess I will have to store them in my memory instead of my camera roll!!

Living in community is also amazing. We are so incredibly blessed to have an awesome staff who love Hazel, and love to watch her and play with her whenever we need to get things done or simply want a break! We also have some of our dearest friends on staff, one couple who has their own daughter with them as well and she and Hazel have such a great time together. Cumminity living is really pretty awesome! We can just put Hazel down for the night and leave for a date if we want to, there are lots of people to watch and listen for her!
Ultimately we love Camp ministry because it's a ministry. We are here being the hands and feet of Jesus and showing His love to these kids and counsellors who visit us every week.
Hope you all have an amazing start to the week! I'm praying my posts won't be too sporadic now that we are out here but I'm sure you'll all forgive me if they are too! :)


  1. That sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Sounds wonderful! your family is darling!

  2. Oh my gosh you're amazing!! How awesome! I can't wait to hear more about it from your sporadic posts ;) Know that we will always be here for you even if you post less frequently. Also, if you have a spare chance, I give up on making a categories image for myself. Can you just do it?? I'll pay you the big bucks! ~Jenna

  3. Oh Hannah I just love you. I want to come to camp! I can't believe how far along you are in your pregnancy! And can we talk about how completely adorable Hazel is with those pigtails?? My goodness!

  4. Only 5 more weeks, exciting!!! I'm terrified to camp I have an irrational fear of bugs so this sounds so much more like me. Being in nature but sealed away from it to sleep :)

  5. Camp life is amazing. My grandparents lived and worked at two Baptist camp in south Louisiana over the course of many years. It's a wonderful calling and such a great place to minister to youth. I'm so excited for yall.

  6. Your camp photo looks amazing!! I want to be there!!!!!!! Oh wow, bringing a newborn in will be busy with all those campers! You are braver than I. GOOD LUCK!!! Stopping by from the link up, I am Becky with Choose Happy :)


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