18 June 2014

// 36 weeks //

Weeks: 36.... Wowza!

Feeling: Good! And tired! Sleep has been pretty hit and miss and really I have great days where I 'almost' forget I'm pregnant but other days I feel SO pregnant! I've only had one breakdown in the last few weeks! Haha pretty good considering I moved my whole family to camp and am living in community with a bunch of people... ya know...

A glorious beach day with my girl. Love that sand and salt water!

Hazel is: absolutely loving camp life. At this point we only have 'school groups' meaning that school classes come here for their end of the year field trips... Do you all call it that? "Fun day" maybe? Anyway so each day there is 100-200 kids around and we (I say we but I don't really do anything! Haha) run a program for them. It's nice to have the evenings off and the staff just hangs out as the core staff is all living here now. It's a big change when the 'summer' comes and we have 200 kids 24 hours a day for a week long! Phew! Hazel loves the kids and seeing them playing. If we aren't outside she is constantly looking out the window or waiting by the door saying "outside me???"

Movement: has definitely slowed down the last couple of weeks. Still lots of kicks to my ribs so I'm feeling pretty confident that she is head down and staying that way! Excited to see for sure at my ultrasound on Friday!

Nursery: I had a little break down this week when I had a crazy urge to get everything ready for baby and realized I really can't do that right now!! Everything is kind of as ready as it's going to be right now due to our very very limited space at camp we need to maximize the space for at least a few more weeks.... If this happens again though I may try packing my hospital bag or refolding or just looking through her little clothes!

Reading: A smattering of posts and articles on all things second baby and transitioning and what not... check it out over on my Baby + Toddler pintrest board

Crafting: nada... but kinda wishing I had the time to make these hand stamped muslin baby blankets! I have some plain cheaper ones that would be perfect for a project like this! I would love to do a little personalized one with baby girls name on it too.... ooo how cute would that be!!

Excited for: Ultrasound on Friday!! woot woot! Like I said, im feeling pretty confident that baby girl is head down and so this ultrasound is just kind of fun that I will be able to see her. Wishing Bob could come with me but it probably wont be possible with camp in full swing!

Hazel and Mama cuddle time

Other Tid Bits: I have been really loving spending this last bit of special time with Hazel. We have around 4 weeks to go now before we become a family of 4 and I really want to have some really special time with her. In some ways camp is perfect for this because our life is definitely crazier, but also its a much simpler life here and I don't feel the demands of "keeping house" as I do at home. Bob and I have also gotten out for a few walks and had some nice time together just the two of us.


  1. Love that photo of Hazel on the beach. What a bittersweet time for you. Prayers for your ultrasound on Friday!

  2. Wow, 36 weeks! The time is flying that little one will be here soon! Enjoy some special time with Hazel before the family expands, I'm sure she is going to be a great big sister. Hope shes's head down at the ultrasound.

  3. So fun! Our second adoption happened so quick we didn't have time to realize we had no more one on one time with our first! We miss that! Soak it up!


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