4 June 2014

34 Weeks

Weeks: 34! (Lisa Mabey over at Mabey She Made It, just had her baby girl at 34 weeks... couldn't get over that thats roughly how big my baby is too!!)

Feeling: Actually awesome! Definitely have had some rough nights of sleep due to the heat (I really shouldn't complain) and also some swollen feet but I feel good and strong. 

Hazel is: really stringing a lot of words together these days. I love her simple reasoning! Daddy, gone? Daddy go bike? Hazel bike... So sweet! Love seeing her develop and grow. She also loves counting (1,2,3,4...8,9!!!!) haha! And 'singing' her ABC's... she is heavy on the 'B' and the 'I'!! She still seems to 'get' it with the baby a little bit at least, today she wanted to give the baby stickers and came over to put them on my belly and said 'there go baby'. 

Movement: Movement has slowed down a bit, thankfully! I almost cried tears of sweet joy this week when I finally felt the infamous 'kick to the ribs'. This is a common pregnancy thing that I have never experienced since Hazel was breech for almost my entire pregnancy. It was actually a feeling I was praying for to give me reassurance that she is head down! So here is hoping! :) 

Nursery: Moving to camp this week! The bassinet will be in our room there and all of her 'things' will be in Hazel's room. Right now Im just hoping Hazel adapts to the transition well! 

Reading: Nothing baby related... though I am thinking about brushing up on some of my Doula texts to give myself a refresher in comfort measures in labour! 

Crafting: Nesting BIG TIME and made my nephew a quilt! Ha! So ambitious! I ordered this beautiful fabric as well and will be making Hazel a quilt for her 'big girl bed'... at least thats my plan...

Excited for: The move to camp in just a couple of days. I think things (even though its busy) will actually slow down for us while we are there. Its just such a tranquil place and there is something so nice about being in the country by the water.

Other tid bits: I've gained 16 pounds in total but I feel HUGE, and a lot more 'poppy' than I did with Hazel if you know what I mean, just like Im sticking out a lot more rather than round. 

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  1. Love that fabric for Hazel's quilt! So glad that you are feeling great!


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