1 May 2014

:: May Goals ::

Phew. May really crept up on me! I remember thinking 'I'll be 30 weeks when May hits' and here we  are!

So since I have so much to do this month I thought I would join in with the lovely Haley over at Tiny Twig and link up my goals this week. Don't you just love this idea! I chose to organize my goals into different categories because I'm anal cool like that.



1. Finish painting and decorating upstairs and playroom.
2. Wash and pack up newborn clothes to take to camp.


1. Write and schedule 2-3 posts in advance for the following week.
2. Email guest post invites to my ladies for when babe is born.


1. Encourage and affirm Bob daily.
2. Be gracious when working together!

ME -

1. Starting each morning with quiet time
2. Exercise as often as I can
3. Daily inversions to get this baby in the right position!

The Tiny Twig


  1. Great post Hannah! Your goals all sound realistic and attainable, I love it. I need to make a list of goals for this week, maybe tomorrow?

    OH and ps I found out at my last appointment that baby girl is transverse breech. My midwives said they wouldn't worry about giving me any tips for turning her until I was closer to 36 weeks, but I want to do as much as I can now (at 32 weeks). What are these inversions you speak of?

  2. Love this, Hannah! I love your blog goals. I think I need to really work on that! Why do I always feel at home when I come to your blog? You're the best. ~Jenna

  3. Hi Hannah! So nice to meet you! I'm a new blog lovin follower from your Mom lovin hop! I'm from justatouchofcrazy.com So excited to follow you now!

  4. Hi Leilani! thank you so much for joining the link up! :) I will definitely be popping over to follow you!

  5. probably the nicest comment I have ever gotten! you're sweet.

  6. Thanks Whitney! Im all about the realistic goals! haha I used to expect way too much of myself and find I'm happier this way! haha :)

    And, bummer about baby girl being transverse breech, but there is definitely still lots of time for her to turn!! I am doing daily inversions just as a precaution, its also super good just to get baby in the optimal position even if they are head down, check out www.spinningbabies.com :)

  7. Great goals. I read your "camp post" as well and how lovely-- I love how you described it as a "thin place" in relation to heaven. I have places like that and it's the perfect descriptor. Also, loved the Bearenstien Bear reference =)

  8. Great goals to have. I love the the ones under marriage. Good luck on getting the baby in position.


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