4 May 2014

Currently | May 5

Thinking about: The final countdown... 10 weeks until baby girl #2 makes her way into the world!! There is something about going into the single digits that gets me excited and makes me feel that it really is close! I am so ready to meet this girl! 

I have been thinking a lot about how the dynamics of our family really will be shaped by the fact that we will have two little girls. I'm so thankful that Hazel and this little one will get to grow together so close in age. I have been thinking about what it means to raise girls and how important it is for me to give them an example of a confident, fun, passionate and Christ seeking woman. A post is in the works of more of my thoughts on this.

Thankful for: The ability to take part in the Thrive Moms retreat this weekend. The conference coincided perfectly with Hazel's nap time which was such a blessing. It was really amazing to hear some amazing speakers and connect with some other mamas on the live chat (though I admit I missed some of the speaking because I was getting so distracted by the chatting!) 

All three speakers were wonderful, Jessi from Naptime Diaries, Jess Thompson and Amy Groeschel. I was definitely the most engaged with Amy's session on "Biblical Motherhood". It was just so practical. I will definitely be writing more of my thoughts on it in the near future. If you couldn't make it on Saturday but still want to hear these amazing speakers I believe that if you head over to Thrive Moms and sign up for their Momentum Newsletter they will be sending out a link today to watch again! If you also want to hear more from the Thrive Moms themselves be sure to check out the Authentic Motherhood post featuring them. 

Even more amazing to me about the retreat was that in the chat on the sidebar I was able to connect with another mama who literally only lives a few hours from me. WHHAT? I was so floored! I hardly even run into other Canadians in my 'online life' let alone someone from the 'Maritimes' (what we call my little neck of the woods). Really thankful to the Lord for that connection. 
Listening to:  "It is Well" by Kristene DiMarco and Bethel Music I am obsessed with this song. Obsessed. Just have a listen, its just beautiful. Favourite line "So let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His name" GAHH... I just love it!

Watching: Call The Midwife. Seriously. Have you seen this show? I watched the first season ages ago and for some reason I had myself convinced that I had also watched the second season... but found out I hadn't! I was pretty excited for an evening all to myself to do some catching up! Check it out on Netflix! 

Everything else around here has been great. Baby is active and always moving. Hazel got a new play set that we found in a back room of the church! Perks of being a youth pastors daughter I guess! Its been sunny and we had a few beautiful family days Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes Im just so thankful for the simplicity of our little life. 

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  1. Listening to the song and already have chills. I've never heard it. So freaking good. I can't wait to see all your posts that you're being inspired to write. And SO awesome that you met mamas a few hours from you. That's rad. ~Jenna

  2. Maybe it's just me because I'm not the one who is pregnant, but it seems like your pregnancy has gone by so fast!

  3. So excited to watch the Thrive Moms retreat with a bunch of girlfriends this week. I've heard such good things and need the nourishment to my soul. And love your comments on the sacredness of raising daughters. It's so important to model confidence for them. Keep it up, mama! You're awesome!! //Mary

  4. I missed the retreat but it sounds like it was amazing. I wish I could have heard the speaker on Biblical marriage as that's a topic very close to my heart and calling.


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