26 May 2014

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Seriously can you even handle this picture! Its actually a selfie! She took it all by herself and posed like this... what a goof!

Thinking about: This pregnancy and how soon it is that I will be holding my sweet girl in my arms. We have finally (um we think!) decided on a name. We feel it suits this little one and we don't even know her yet. Our name choices were down to two and we decided on the one that has a bit more 'spunk', the other was just too gentle for this little kicker! ;) I have been thinking about how I have been so anxious about getting her in the right position that I haven't thought too much about my actual labour and how I would like that to be different this time. Im not much of a birth plan, typed up and distributed to every one who passes by the room kinda girl but I think I will write some of my wishes down, because I process things by writing... in case you haven't noticed! 
This week we are busy prepping for camp. We planned to move out by next week but will be staying an extra week at home because someone needs to use our place at camp for a few days. Im kind of happy but on the other hand am at the point that I just want to get out there and start the summer!! 
Reading: Im still reading Keep Your Love On as I shared in last weeks Currently. Its good. good. stuff. I have already learned a new way of communicating to Bob. It suggested that for someone who is heavy on the "Words of Affirmation" love language that you should sandwich a critical comment or correction with two positive comments. When I read it I thought "seriously... that is SO much work" HA (bad wife!) I thought he couldn't possibly need that from me. But when I asked him he said that was bang on what he needed to be able to hear what I was saying and not just totally shut down. Like I said... good stuff! So thats what Im trying to do and by golly its working! 
Listening to:  The furnace going on.... seriously people the weather here has been SUCKING big time. The freaking furnace should not be going on in the last week of May. Booooooooo 
Though in other listening news I have been listening to the Lord speak to me on identity. I was reading this morning about truly finding my identity in Him rather than in the other 'hats' I wear, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Slowly realizing that if I place my identity in Him than I will be able to fulfill all roles and be who He needs me to be in all roles, if I don't place my identity in Him than emphasis will fall on one (for me its usually my 'mother' role) and the others are seriously lacking... Just a jumble of thoughts right now but Im thankful for this revelation (again and again) this morning. 

I know I look SO tired in this picture but its so cute of Bob I had to share it. Man my husband is smokin hot!
Thankful for: A weekend away with my love! Bob and I stayed for a night at a friends Inn/Cottages. We had bought at a charity auction a night stay at our friends Inn, but when it came time to book they bumped us up to a night in one of their cottages instead. These cottages are totally gorgeous, two bedrooms, beautiful deck and outdoor hot-tub! Heck yes! I didn't take many pictures of our 24 hour getaway (on purpose) because I wanted to be present with Bob in each moment. My 8 months preggo self even took a dip in the hot tub... Dr approved! (My Dr told me it was just a first trimester concern and as long as I was wise and didn't stay in too long I could totally go for it!!!!) 
We ate greasy onion rings and played cards and had a crazy ton of seafood with our friends (who own the Inn, and another friend couple who stayed out too). Seriously. So much food. Im talking 7 pounds of lobster, 20 pounds (maybe more) of mussels and a ton of oysters (which I don't like so didn't eat) Not to mention steak, potatoes and salad... it was quite a feed! Im so thankful to live in a place where these delicious things don't cost me a bajillion dollars! We literally bought the lobster on the side of the road... 
Last weeks wishes: 
1. FINALLY finish painting upstairs  (YAY!! I DID IT! All by myself I painted my butt off yesterday for 3 hours)
2. Finish Book - Keep Your Love On - Nope... still working on it... decided its too good to rush!
3. Find and buy anniversary gift for hubs!  - eek... haven't found anything yet but did discover the 'tradition' is leather for the 3rd anniversary, I don't normally stick to these things but this one is easy, so Im thinking I can totally find something he will love easy enough thats leather, any suggestions?? 
This week:
1. Wake up every morning by 6:30am... so far so good today!                                                       2. Pack up clothing we wont be taking to camp and store in basement                                           3. Find and buy anniversary gift! 
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  1. Having a date night with my hubs has been on my weekly wishes for two weeks now. This week I must make that happen! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Um that is TOTALLY a cute picture of you too.
    We are all so hard on ourselves.
    Meanwhile, Texas is super hot and I really really Really do not like SUPER HOT! lol Let's meet in the middle temp wise.
    I found your blog from Currently!

  3. Hannah, you are so awesome. What you said about finding my identity in Christ? JUST what I needed to hear, friend. I, like you, wear the mom hat and it seems to outweigh anything else in my life, where I then feel unbalanced. I want to find my identity in HIM and He will provide my balance. Thank you so much for that reminder. ~Jenna

  4. I'm glad you commented on this this morning so I could read my own darn words again! Ha! I've been putting on that mom hat again! Im so glad my jumbled thoughts made sense to you!


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