22 May 2014

32 Weeks

Weeks: 32! Baby girl is just over 3 pounds! eek!

Feeling: Really pretty good. I have been trying not to get into the 'complaining' stage that you can kind of get into in the last part of your pregnancy. But I wanna be real too ya know? So ultimately I feel great... do I have occationational uncomfortable moments and want this baby out already? haha... yes! 

Hazel is: Honestly we love this girl SO much. I know our love will totally expand when this wee one arrives and we already love this baby so much but Bob and I are still dumbfounded that we will be able to, and just plain GET TO love another baby as much as we love Hazel. Its such a miracle! 

Movement: Still lots of movement from this little babe! I really can't decide if she is head down at this point or not! 

can't decide if I like this picture or hate it but I'm putting it up anyway since I never get pictures of myself!

Nursery: Nursery prep has reached a standstill since we are moving to camp NEXT WEEK and renting our house out for the summer! Im glad the renters have 2 girls just like us so im going to leave up a lot of the decor! (saves me time putting the room all back together again in 3 months!) 

Reading: As I shared in my 'Currently' post this week, im reading Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk. Really liking it so far. Its all about choosing to love no matter how you are being loved in return. Good stuff. 

Crafting: I have made a few more headbands this week, though honestly I have been working part time from home with Camp stuff (those of you with administrative gifts/personalities... please teach me your ways!!) But I have managed to make a few of those sweet top knot headbands for my girls (umm guys, its CRAZY how easy they are to make <took me 15 minutes to figure out the pattern and make one> ... peeps are selling them for a bajillion... make one, you can do it!)

Excited for: My Dr's appointment today! I haven't been in almost 6 weeks... umm yikes!!! I missed an appointment and then they rescheduled and then had to reschedule again... lotsa people be havin babies up in here!

Other tid bits: Lots on my mind lately, mostly thinking about the possibility of having another breech baby and what that means, what we will do and how I feel more at peace about it this time than I did with Hazel. Also thinking (still) about girls and raising them, and the honour and responsibility of it all. 

Also! Started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea... I have no clue if it actually works. But everything I have read says its pretty harmless and you should start drinking it at 32 weeks, especially if you went overdue with your first. So here goes nothing! Do any of you think it works? 


  1. I think the photo of you is beautiful and I love that you shared it! I know what you mean about thinking about loving another child the way you love your first...my mind can't even comprehend loving anyone more than Ben, but I know that someday I will.

  2. That photo is gorgeous! I'm glad you posted it!

  3. Love this, beautiful lady. So excited for you :) ~Jenna


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