7 May 2014

30 weeks

Seriously... how weird is my arm in this pic? I don't even have the energy to try to get a really good one! Ha! 

Weeks: 30! I had a good laugh at this Junk Food baby size comparison chart this week! Haha Jumbo bag of chips it is!

Feeling: This baby is just sooo darn active. I described it to Bob this week like this; "picture putting a cat in a bag (hoping he has never actually done this) the cat is the baby, the bag is my uterus.... Annnd that's what it's like!" Ha! But for real.... I've got a wild one in there. This week I'm starting 'operation sleep sheep' I'm going to go to bed with the sleep sheep every night with it playing against my belly... It worked for a friend of mine to calm the baby down (when still inside) when she was going to sleep, so I figure I will give it a shot! We love our sleep sheep!

Hazel is: An outdoor girl these days. We have been loving the warm weather and getting outside lots! I'm getting really excited for when we are at camp and there is a lot more space to roam!

Movement: yeah... See above!

Nursery: I've been putting the final decorating touches on the girls room. I don't want to do anything too personalized right now since we are having someone rent our house for the summer while we are at camp and we will be moving out in 3 weeks.... Ahhhhhh a little crazy! I have so much to do!

Reading: A lot this week about the tragic death of Ryan Cruz Saldana, 3 1/2 year old son of Jaqui from Baby Boy Bakery. It's hard to imagine such a great loss. But beautiful to see the blogging community rallying around them.

Crafting: This sweet headband for Hazel. Plans to make another one for little sister are in the works for when the next craft inspiration strikes!

Excited for: Bi-weekly Doctor's appointments! Makes me feel like I'm getting closer! And our next ultrasound to see if baby is breech or not... My guess is yes :(

Other tid bits: Just in a great place these days, gearing up for summer and preparing for this baby but at the same time really trying to savour being a family of three for a little bit longer too! Hey mamas out there with more than one, what would you say was your biggest challenge going from 1 to 2 kiddos?


  1. I always loved when the doctor appointments starting getting closer. It makes it seem like the end is near and I'm closer to holding that sweet baby :)

  2. Yay for 30 weeks! That is such a good idea about the sleep sheep, I might have to try it. We used it SO MUCH for Riggs and this little girl is crazy when I'm trying to go to sleep!


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