2 April 2014

Toddler Girl // Spring Style

Ok. It's soo not Spring here.... Honestly. I think the saying "in like a lamb out like a lion" is more true this year than ever. My tiny little island has gotten more snow in the last 5 days than we have in the last 10 years... its cray. Check out this picture a friend posted to facebook... this is a main road people! ugh. nuts.

Photo taken by a friend and shared on facebook

But regardless of that a girl can still dream about Spring right? Its no secret that I love dressing Hazel. Girls are just so much fun (not that I have any boy experience) but I may or may not take way too much pleasure in dressing her every morning. Any maybe I like putting her in things that I wish I could wear myself/could never get away with... harem pants anyone? Adorable.

So here are a few items I'm currently wanting to add to Hazel's spring wardrobe.

One: This sweet navy polkadot trench coat from Osh Kosh. I mean really, a tiny little girl in a trench coat? Beyond cute!

Two: Pear print flutter sleeve top from Baby Gap

Three: Super sweet chambray tunic from Old Navy

Four: Color block dress from Carters 

Five: Mint skinny jeans from Joe Fresh (I don't think you guys have Joe down in the States, which is too bad for you. Its our grocery store clothing line, can you believe it? Its honestly where I get a lot of our clothes!)

Six: Neon slip ons from Carters

Seven: Rolled hem jean shorts from Old Navy

Eight: Navy polkadot flats from Baby Gap

I could include lots more but I'll leave you with that! In reality I only wish I could get all of these things for Hazel. But I mean, 29$ for flats? for my baby? nahh... But I still love to look! 

Where are your favourite places to buy kids clothes? 


  1. Loving that chambray top! And holy snow!!! And I though we got a lot this year! Hope you get some spring weather soon!

  2. Kids clothes are so cute! I'm all about comfort over here though...Ben is usually wearing some variation of sweatpants. Ha! :) I love Old Navy/Gap online clearance sales for kids...I have gotten a few cute and inexpensive items there. Girls clothes are so interesting to me...it seems like once girls grow out of the 'toddler' section the choices are so inappropriate! Do you know what I mean? I go into Target and the 'girls' section is kind of appalling...short shorts, glittery tops, etc. I know YOU won't be dressing your child that way, but it just makes me sad. Anyway, sorry for the rant there! These clothes you picked out here are SO cute and you're right, it is fun to pick out things that you yourself could never pull off! Haha! I find (when B isn't in sweats) I dress him a lot like his daddy (Georgia boots, flannel shirts anyone?) Haha!

  3. I can't stop dreaming of spring. Not only for myself, but for my kids. I have been buying spring, or more like summer clothes for my kids since Alaska doesn't really have a "spring". But everything is just so cute, I like your picks :)


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