29 April 2014

My Island

Did you know that I live on an Island? Its pretty amazing and while we pretend its awesome all year round... I beg of you... if you ever visit please come between June and October. Those four sweet months are what we live for here.

To entice you on this little virtual tour with me let start with a few pictures.

Like it yet?

Growing up here I honestly never thought I would live here forever. I guess any place feels constricting when you are trying to spread your wings and find out who you are. But after traveling quite a bit I found myself back here, and loving it.

In case you are wondering where in the world I am talking about here is a little map to get you oriented!

yep, thats it, that little spec of an island there!

I really feel honoured to live in a place like this, where I recognize people I pass by in our "capital city" (of 47,000 people). Where there is virtually no crime rate. Petty crime, sure. But something like murder, gun or gang violence? um no. I can literally count on one hand the number of murders I have heard about happening here in my lifetime, and I'm pretty sure they were all domestic violence, no random acts. Kinda crazy!

I also love that people really take pride in living here. In the spring and summer time you'll always see people out in their yards cleaning up, not to mention the voluntary roadside cleanup that happens every year across the Island (thats people volunteering to pick up garbage on the side of the road). Composting is mandatory here... like its the law... seriously.

Our total population is about 147,000 spread across the whole Island. If you grow up here like I did you'll probably know or at least recognize a lot of people when you're out and about. Our 'city' definitely has a small town feel, its very quaint and quiet and cars will stop to let you jay walk across our main street.

You may know a thing or two about this girl....

Thats Anne Of Green Gables, in case you didn't know. She is probably our biggest 'claim to fame' as the Author of the World renowned books Lucy Maud Montgomery lived here. The Anne series is based in PEI, and if you're interested there is a whole tourist industry geared toward her. Unfortunately I have had to tell grown people that she was not a real person and only a character in a book.... much to their shock and dismay... people really love this girl!

Thats all I've got for you! If you want to know more about this little island check out our tourism site . Honestly there is so much more I could share with you. I really do love this place! If you ever decide to come for a visit please let me know! I'll get you hooked up with a feed of lobster! 


  1. So cool! I want to come visit you some day. I LOVED Anne of Green Gables.

  2. Oh my goodness! Your island is SO beautiful!

  3. Your island is stunning. I've always wanted to visit the places that inspired Lucy but I never realized how gorgeous it really was.

    I love that composting is mandatory, it should be like that all over.

  4. What absolutely beautiful photos! I instantly wondered whether you were talking about Anne's home!! How gorgeous! xx

  5. You are just plain torturing me with this post!! Hope you have your guest room ready for two and a half Alaskan visitors!!! 😊

  6. And our bags are packed... you're gonna get some new neighbors! Ha! No for real. That place is BEAUTIFUL! And sounds so peaceful!

  7. So...how funny... but The Hubs actually is supposed to travel to Canada by the end of the year, and it looks like I might be able to come with him!!! It looks like your island might be kind of far away though... the place on the map looked somewhat close to Niagra Falls.


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