24 April 2014

Getting out of the Blogging Slump

Are you there? In the slump? Are you feeling that crushing weight of the blog world on your shoulders? or maybe are you just wondering what the haaiiil you are doing all of this for? 

I've been there. We have ALL been there. Its a weird little thing this blog world and it can be a lot of work to write posts and take pictures and share your life online. You're 'real' friends probably wont 'get it' and your husband might not get it either but for some reason you just like it. 

I've tossed and turned and been ready to call this whole thing quits lots of times, but then I get a comment, or read an inspiring post by another blogger and BAM the blog bug bites me again. 

So I thought I would share a few ways that I help myself get out of the blogging slump. 


This is a pretty big one. From what I have seen in this little world, all of us come to this place of wondering why on earth we are sharing and writing and whether anyone is even listening and what is the purpose of it all? I would call this your 'blog life crisis'... but if you make a list of why you like blogging and why you blog than I can guarantee you will come out of the other side with a clearly defined purpose. My friend Andrea over at Hand and the Heart just wrote a great list reasons of Why She Keeps Blogging go be inspired and encouraged by her sweet words! 

For me this hit a few months back and I discovered that the purpose of this space for me is to encourage, inspire and build up other young mamas in this crazy season of birthing and raising babies. The idea for "Authentic Motherhood" came from this time and discovery in prayer. It is also really important for me to bring glory to Jesus in this space too... cause I just don't see the point otherwise. Thats not to say that ALL of my posts will totally God/motherhood/baby centered! But I love that I have more of a focus now. 


Once you have figured out why you do this whole thing you may want to start to cultivate that. Start thinking of your posts with your new 'mantra' if you will, as your baseline. Write what you want to write. Don't conform to writing what you think will get you page views and readers, because if thats not you than those people probably wont stick around anyway. What readers really want (at least I can speak for myself as a reader of many blogs) is authenticity. Sure there are blogs I occasionally visit who are all DIY all the time, but I probably wont stick around to be a dedicated reader. But if that is your thing than do it! 

You don't have to be confined to a 'niche' but I do think its really awesome (and helpful) to create a loose vision statement for your blog and work from there. If you do this you'll avoid the slump far more easily. 


I get it. It is SO easy to compare your blog with another blog. But I urge you not to do this... this road has led me down a number of inauthentic paths on the road to finding my own 'voice'. Just write what you write. Be you. Share you. We will like you! By all means read other blogs, you will be inspired and encouraged. You will also learn to hone your own writing and by reading lots of both books and blogs you will find your own platform and voice. 

Sure does it sometimes throw you into a panic attack when your fellow blog friend who started blogging at the same time as you (or after you) starts getting crazy page views and followers and sponsorships and posting every day. Yes. It sometimes will still make you panic and throw you into a whirlwind of thinking you need to get your butt in gear. I'll be honest. I have been there. We can't lie and say those things like page views and followers don't matter. Because they do. Otherwise we probably wouldn't stick this whole thing out. 

But your blog is your blog. Its not their. Do your own thing and make it yours. 


I know, I know, enough about the 'community' already Hannah... but for real guys... its important! Find others who you enjoy reading and who encourage and inspire you. Reach out to them, comment on their posts, tweet about their posts, support them! This is the way to build online friendships that are actually real! Don't be afraid to collaborate and guest post and offer your space as a venue for your friends to be heard. Connect with them on instagram and be real. 


Remember what your priorities are in your life. And live your life accordingly. Chances are blogging isn't at the very top of the list. And hey maybe it is, you go girl. But as soon as blogging becomes a chore for you don't be afraid to take a little break. Nothing will happen. You wont all of a sudden lose followers or disappear from people's radars. If you have taken the time to build your online community we will all still be here when you get back, and chances are you will have a ton of fresh new material for us! Go easy on yourself, take care of yourself. 

I mean I really never thought a couple of years ago that I would ever say something like "create a loose vision statement for your blog". HA seriously! Im no expert, I'm just doing this thing, just like you. Keep on writing. Keep hitting that "publish" button. 

I would love to hear your own tips on how to get out of the blogging slump! Share them with me below. 


  1. Although many (or most) of us blog for fun, we all know it's a lot of work. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the original reason we started blogging -- those damn stats will be the death of us all. But you raised some great points, and you're absolutely right -- we need to always remember why we wanted to do this in the first place and cut ourselves some slack. Thanks for reminding us.
    Stopping by from the Friendship Friday blog hop. Cheers!

  2. Great post Hannah! I love the creating a vision statement idea, I think sometimes I get wrapped up thinking that I need to write a huge, thought-provoking or heart-pouring post, when really my vision for the blog, is to share a tiny glimpse into our lives and a place to write about what is on my heart or mind, and that may be a picture or something brief. Thanks for the reminder that simple is fine! With my return to school I know my post are going to be fewer and further between but having a place to share my thoughts with be really good too!

  3. We are on the same wavelengths, aren't we? (Whatever that even means, haha!) I love this post an UBER amount as well! Thanks for the little shout-out, too.

  4. Great post and I have been having those thoughts this past week! I took a kind of break from blogging the past month just because the rest of my life was putting undue demands on me. I felt guilty the whole time and definitey questioned why in the world I continue to do this. But after a few weeks I am glad to be back so I guess it was just a temporary thing. Stopped by from Freedom Friday.

  5. Thanks for this - I think the most important thing is to be true to yourself and why you first started the blog. So important not to worry about how many page views - its quality not quantity and a good comment is worth so much more than a page view. I struggle with chronic fatigue and starting my blog has really helped me to stay positive.

  6. Number 5 is my favorite because I have had to take breaks, let it go and etc for a while before and you know it's not that hard to get back into the swing of things. Especially being all relaxed and refreshed.

  7. You write the best posts, I mean that! I loved reading this and agreed with everything you wrote, it was all very true and encouraging. Anytime I get in a blog slump, it's usually cause I feel overwhelmed or uninspired...usually because I'm overwhelmed and feel like I "should be" posting. But once I get a playful attitude back and see it as just my little space to share my world, my ideas start flowing again and then I feel like I have so much to write! Going over now to check out Andrea's post! Thanks for this awesome post!

  8. I'm pretty sure you've read my mind! Recently, I've been in a bit of a slump...wondering why I'm blogging and understanding why my husband is wondering, too. But! I enjoy it, and I wish I had more time on my hands to do it like some other bloggers I see. I love your tips! Thanks for sharing what a lot of bloggers (like myself) are going through!

  9. Aw Shannon, thank you so much for reading and Im so glad it was helpful for you! Bottom line if its something you enjoy keep at it no matter how much or little time you have to put into it! I honestly don't know how some bloggers have the time! :)

  10. You are too sweet! thank you!! I love the thought of having a 'playful attitude' about blogging! Such a great way to put it!

  11. Oh man, its so true huh? Its so hard when on those breaks sometimes I feel like, oh crap im falling behind!! haha so silly!

  12. You are so right Susan! Im all for blogs evolving over time but definitely staying true to why you do it is so key!


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