22 April 2014

// 28 Weeks //

Weeks: Twenty-Eight! Third Trimester!! YAY!

Feeling: FULL OF BABY! haha I think this little girl must have had a growth spurt this week because all of a sudden she is all cramped up in there! Every move is starting to feel more strained and a lot less 'fluid'. 

Hazel is: talking more and more about 'her baby'. She really seems to know I have a baby in my belly and will point to my belly when I ask her where baby sister is. She also will point to the ultrasound picture on the fridge a lot. I told her that her baby was going to come out of my belly and she just kept repeating "out, out, out" haha. 

Movement: Still super active but has really slowed down, I think probably because of the growth in the last little bit she doesn't have as much room. 

Nursery: Again... a RENO'S post is coming SOON! Ive been so slow on the finishing details and I keep going back and forth on different ways to decorate the 'girls' room, so its pretty sparse at the moment! 

Reading: "Hands Free Mama" by Rachel Macy Stafford. Literally just started it but excited to get into it! I promise I will do up a review when I finish! 

Crafting: Bob and I have been finishing up Hazel's Play Kitchen, we stalled on it for a bit with a few hiccups! And we just picked up some dowels to make her teepee!! SO excited!

Excited for: 27 weeks and age of viability... is that nerdy? haha I don't know why I always get excited about that but 27 weeks always seems like such a pivotal point in pregnancy for me!

Other tid bits: The weeks just seem to be flying by! In a little over four weeks we will be making our move out to camp! I keep imagining what its going to be like to go into labour at camp... im sure it wont be dramatic at all but I keep having a fear that my water will break right in the dining hall to the horror of 200+ kids! haha! Truthfully the craziest thing will be taking the baby BACK to camp after I have her!! I might be crazy... 

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  1. Can't wait to see the remodel photos of your house! I also want to see some more Hannah pregnant photos...make that happen for me. :)


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