8 April 2014

// 26 Weeks //

YIKES! I can't believe I haven't updated since 22 weeks! Time has been flying by over here! How do you like my little pregnancy comparison!! The first pic is pretty grainy but Im really glad I still have these pictures!

Weeks: Twenty-Six! Wowza! Baby is as long as a green onion! and weighs about 1lb 10oz. 

Feeling: Pretty well! I have had quite a bit of indigestion this pregnancy and have had to really start watching what im eating... which is probably a good thing anyway! If I eat anything remotely spicy, greasy, or cheesy, its not good! I didn't have any issues like this with Hazel but this pregnancy is very different! The pain is almost unbearable at times, so I have really really limited my diet! 

Hazel is: Almost a year and a half!!! AH my baby!! She is definitely starting to assert her wants more these days. Meltdowns are coming much more quickly, but thankfully she gets over it very very fast... within seconds! So thats a blessing! She is such a big helper these days and has her 'chores', helping me with laundry and putting away the dishes. She LOVES to do it and likes to say in a sing-songy voice "helping, helping, helping" :) 

Movement: I thought Hazel was active, but wow... I had NO idea how active a baby could be! This little girl starts kicking at 11pm and goes until about 2am.... eek! 

Nursery: I am BEYOND excited to share with you our renovations! I promise a full post will be up soon! If you're dying to get a sneak peek you should follow me on Instagram 

Reading: Anne Bogel's book "How She Does It" Great book so far all about balancing work and family life.  

Crafting: We are deep into reno mode so any 'crafting' is on hold for now! 

Excited for: 27 weeks and age of viability... is that nerdy? haha I don't know why I always get excited about that but 27 weeks always seems like such a pivotal point in pregnancy for me!

Other tid bits: I have gained 6 pounds so far. Not too shabby. I thought the comparison between my pregnancies was pretty interesting! I thought I was waaay bigger this time around but I really am about the same. 


  1. Love this little update! I'm excited to see the renovations. I saw your post online...how is Hazel sleeping in her new room? That's a tough transition.

  2. Thanks! Renos are a slow go but its all coming together! I feel like there are just so many little things to do and I can't seem to get them done! ah well it will all be done at some point! :) Hazel's transition is going a lot better, and we had finally a few good nap days in a row but the last 2 days she has been napping 1 hour max! AH! So frustrating! Im pretty sure its not the room at this point, not sure what is up!

  3. You look adorable! That's funny this baby is way more active than Riggs was too, especially at night when I'm trying to go to sleep! Can't wait to see the finished reno pictures!


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