11 March 2014

Its The Little Things // Link Up

// I'm not sure what it is these days but I have found myself being much more nostalgic. Really taking time to see the beauty in my everyday life, and not just the pile of dishes or the load of laundry that needs to be folded.
Hazel and her 'baby' snuggled up on a sick day

// Hazel has been such a joy. I know I have said it at nearly every single age, but I really do LOVE this age! 16 months and she is such a little charmer! Her comprehension of the world around her is ramping up big time and we are surprised every single day by the different words she says. I really hope we don't have to start spelling soon though! haha!

// Hazel and I were 'observed' this week by a Childhood Development class at our local college. I knew the teacher and she asked if Hazel and I would come in for an hour or so. It was definitely not a natural environment (picture 40 students sitting in their chairs in a circle with a blanket in the middle on the floor with toys on it) I was a little nervous about how she would do but after a few minutes Hazel was totally hamming it up and loving all of the toys. She brought a ball around to everyone for them to look at and played peek a boo with a few of the ladies in the class. It was a bit embarrassing for me when everyone had to say what they had observed between Hazel and I, it was all nice but I always feel awkward when people tell me nice things! But I was so proud of Hazel for being such a good girl!

Bob carrying Hazel to bed after putting her down in our room.

// We are getting pretty anxious to start the renos in our house once our tenant moves out. I won't deny that I silently begrudge every bump and noise that the tenant makes at this point simply because I am SO ready to have this whole house to ourselves! I had to capture the picture above though because I really want to remember how sweet and precious Hazel is when we wake her to put her in her own room. She sleeps part of the night in our room a couple of nights a week when we have our Bible Study, then we move her over to her own room when we go to bed. She is so sweet and accommodating, and has never ever once cried! Truthfully Bob and I both love the chance to snuggle with her again.

21 weeks pregnant with sweet girl #2

// This pregnancy is flying by in many ways and I really want to remember the little things like how active this girl is! She is a wild one in there! From what I can remember she seems to be a lot more active than Hazel was, though I know I also thought Hazel was very active at the time! Im hoping that all of that movement will get her into the right position when it comes time, since I have a higher chance of having another breech baby!

// I'm so thankful for this pregnancy. Its been really impressed upon me that each pregnancy and each day is such a gift. The friend who passed away last week should be along side me again, growing their family. But that was not to be.

Hazel and I out for a walk
// I have also been thankful for sunny days, and the motivation to get outside! My winter jacket is starting to get harder and harder to zip up... uh oh! And there are lots of cold days left! A dear friend signed me up for pre-natal Pilates/TRX class and I had my second class this week! Definitely was feeling it!

// Those are my little things for the week! What are the little things you are thankful for? 

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  1. Her little profile is so cute! What a precious girl! Love her little jammies. :)

  2. You have such a cutie! Following you on BlogLovin' from the MomLovin' Blog Hop! Kim from http://lifeovercs.blogspot.com

  3. You know, what i love the most about this is the notion of remembering the little insignificant moments..this is a profound idea! Thank you! Marwa @ blossomfamily.net

  4. She's adorable. The little things are so precious too. I just wrote a post called Simple and it's similar. Found you on the Monday blog hop.
    Angela @ Time with A & N


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