17 March 2014

Currently //

// Currently so thankful for this healthy baby inside. I heard today that a friend who was due around the same time as me lost her baby today. The second son she has lost. It seems so unfair. But I am thankful. Im thankful for every kick and flip.

// Currently thinking of our dating days. Ah such precious times! And um, I promise I didn't wear that sweater all of the time! eek! So thankful for this man I married. He continually shows me his heart full of passion, adventure, wild dreams, strength, and integrity. Im so thankful he chose me to grow old with.

// Currently thankful for a really fun time with my best gal at an "art battle" this Saturday night! It was a much needed girls night out and it was really fun too! Two rounds of 6 artists with a blank canvas and 20 minutes to create their masterpiece! We voted for our favourite each round and the top two went on from each round to compete in the third and final round! It was pretty awesome!

// Currently listening to this song from the new Hillsong United Young & Free Album. Dang, I feel like a total kid sharing this song but it is SO MUCH FUN! The whole album is just awesome and amazing pump up worship songs. Hazel is seriously in love with this song too and we have a dance party to it almost every day!

// and currently thankful for a lunch date and a day off for some family time after a busy weekend. This little one is getting to be quite the character! 17 months today! phew!! 

What are you up to currently? 
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  1. An art battle? That sounds like so much fun. Definitely a unique night out.

  2. totally going to link up. exactly what i needed to write right now. thank you!

  3. yay!! So glad Emily! Its my first time linking up too but I have wanted to for a while! Definitely a fun easy link up!

  4. It was seriously awesome Diana! They will be hosting them every month and I plan to be a regular attender! Only downfall was not being able to enjoy a glass of wine... boo!

  5. I remember when I was pregnant with my first girl, I seemed to be inundated with sad, tragic stories like that. How can such joy and sadness coexist? So hard; bleh. BUT, rejoicing over the life inside of you. Glad that you got some fun girl time, that is always needed! Sarah @ thejellyjars.com :)

  6. Oh Hannah, I am so sorry for your friend, that is so sad. It does make you incredibly thankful for your own healthy babies doesn't you and reminds you just how precious life is.

    I've heard that album is really good, I think I am going to have to download it!

    Hope you are feeling well!!

    Aanie x

  7. An art battle??! How incredible cool is that?!? I may have to get a few friends together to do that! I love it!

  8. Love the song... that would be a great song to work out to! Love your thankful inspiration:)

  9. Great post.
    I'm not sure what an art battle is... but it sounds great.

  10. Hannah, so so sorry to hear about your friend.

    An art battle? That sounds so fun!

  11. That art battle looks so sweet! I want to go! Ha... sounds like a great girls night out :) Thanks so much for linking up with us... loved it. Oh, and I want that sweater.


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