24 March 2014

And The Days Are Getting Longer // Currently


// The evening sun streams in my window and I can't help but smile, betraying my grizzly mood over having slept 2 only hours the previous night. The baby inside is getting bigger, and sleep some nights is already getting difficult.

// But... the days are getting longer. There is something about the sun hanging on later in the day that changes my perspective on everything and makes me joyful. Spring is coming. New life and green starting to peek through the hard and crusty snow. 

// So I'm currently thinking about spring, and new life, and fresh starts. The sun hitting the wooden elephant family on our windowsill, reminding me that we will soon be a family of four. Four people. Two big and two littles. Two sweet girls. I can't wait for this baby to arrive and it seems this pregnancy is speeding along. I know I have to savour this time with her inside but I'm anxious to see her face. 

// Currently thankful for a refreshing weekend. Full to overflowing with a family date night, a sweet time of worship and a visit from friends with their new baby boy. Life feels full these days and as we ramp up toward our busy summer we want to protect our weekends. 

// Currently reading this blog post by Trina Holden "The Art Of Unblogging". "Like balm to my soul" I commented. It's posts like these that give me perspective on why I do this thing called blogging. 

// Currently listening to the new album The Art of Celebration by The Rend Collective. If you don't know this sweet group of people you should definitely check out their stuff. We are BIG fans and love their Campfire album. This one is just as good. Easy listening folky stuff, if you like that kind of thing. 

This one is my favourite right now...

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  1. Mary @ a mama collectiveMarch 24, 2014 11:43 pm

    I love Rend Collective! So easy to find youself dancing along too. And as always, I just love your genuine heart that is so beautifully displayed in your writing. Keep doing what your doing sista! //Mary

  2. The longer days make me feel so refreshed after such a long, gloomy winter. Now, if only the temperatures would cooperate here in WI, I'd be one happy mama. :)

  3. Aw thank you Mary! I love to read your 'currently' too with all the beautiful pictures of your sweet kiddos!

  4. I agree! Temps are still way too cold here too, and today we are getting a blizzard! booooooo


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