13 March 2014

// 22 weeks //

eek... I think I look bigger here than I really am!

Weeks: Twenty-Two!! Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash! (When I showed Bob the babycentre app picture of baby's estimated size he could not believe it!! He said "woah that girl is getting big!!") 

Feeling: Great! Everything was wonderful at my last appointment and the Dr read the ultrasound which looks great. So thankful for another healthy pregnancy! Also the no weight gain was getting to me and I started getting slack on my eating habits... eek! But was up 2 pounds at my last appt! Hope was wasn't just 2 pounds of M&M's cause dang... 

Hazel is: I finished up the doll cloth diapers I was making a few weeks ago and Hazel loves them! She isn't quite able to put them on herself but she loves for me to do it. She is going to be a great big sister!

Movement: Kicks now clearly seen from the outside! I love that!

Nursery: Still excited about getting started with the nursery! Only a couple more weeks until reno's begin! 19 days according to my sweet husband (he is really ready to have a home office since he does 80% of his work at home) Check it all out on my Pintrest board

Reading: This post from A Mother Far From Home on Why Having Babies Close Together Isn't as Hard As You Might Think. Mom confession alert... not sure why I'm so reluctant to admit it in the greater Mom world, but we 'did' Babywise with Hazel. It worked beautifully and I honestly can't imagine any other way. Thankfully for us, we didn't really ever have to make the CIO decision and with gentle prompting and a consistent schedule Hazel settled beautifully into sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. I never once felt like I was denying her. BW has been a godsend trying to figure out naps and ensuring Hazel gets the sleep she needs. We will definitely be putting it into practice with baby #2. This post was encouraging about the benefits of BW with children close in age, it can be done! 

Crafting: Nothing for baby on the go right now! I do really want to make some stuffed letters into a garland of Hazel and baby girls names for their room, but I guess we have to have a name first! 

Excited for: SPRING!! Its coming.... I know it. We are currently in the midst of another storm... boo.

Other tid bits: I'm becoming increasingly worried about the chances of this baby being breech. I do not want to go through that again!! My chances are moderately increased but there isn't really much info out there on it. Everything feels the same as it did with Hazel, this little one is consistently kicking what I believe is my cervix... so yeah that sucks. I know its so early yet but you better believe I will be spending the last months of this pregnancy on my hands and knees.... 


  1. Haha I think at least 2 lbs of my weight gain has been peanut butter m&ms!

  2. Awww loved this update! I would love to see pictures of the little diapers you made for the dolls, too! I liked that post from Rachael about having kids close together. I really wish we could have started trying to get pregnant sooner than we are...but we have just about hit the 18 month mark between Ben's birth and now, so hoping to start trying soon!

  3. I love reading these! I wish I would have done something like this during my pregnancies!

  4. 2 pounds of M&Ms! lol! I think I drank 50 pounds of milkshakes when I was pregnant! I am excited for spring to start, too, its been too cold here for too long! Thanks for sharing with Time for Mom!


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