27 February 2014

// 20 Weeks //

(kind of a bad picture but it was the best I could get!) 

Booyah! Feeling good about that! 

Weeks: Twenty! Baby GIRL is the size of a banana! (Be sure to check out our gender reveal picture!)

Feeling: Tired! Phew. Man this pregnancy is already wearing me out. With Hazel I was through with the exhaustion around 14 weeks. This time around, probably because I'm playing with Hazel all day, im really ready to hit the pillow at 9pm! I've been skipping out on a lot of our evening church commitments...

Hazel is: Continuing to amaze us with her expanding vocabulary. It's pretty awesome to watch her develop into a little lady. She loves to walk around with her purse, sing to her baby and put on necklaces! Ha, what a girly girl! When we found out we were having another girl one of Bob's first comments was "I guess I'll be having a lot more tea parties" ;) 

Movement: Kicks and twirls definitely starting to get stronger! We have felt her quite a few times from the outside now. 

Nursery: Things are getting serious with the girls shared room! Our tenant moved out mid month and we are waiting for her to do a bit of cleaning before we get in there to paint! We decided to go with Behr's Gentle Rain. Its pretty light but I plan to add pops of mustard yellow and coral! I also plan to do a polka dot accent wall! Check it all out on my Pintrest board

Reading: I recently read Laura Kyle's new book called "Teach Me to be Happy" Its an awesome (and quick) read for parents about how to teach your kids to be confident and self-motivated, and how to establish happiness in your home. I am actually hosting a GIVEAWAY of this book right now! Pop over here to enter!

Crafting: Not sure if it qualifies but I have recently been putting new elastics in our bum genius cloth diapers. It was loooong overdue and I couldn't believe I had 11 diapers out of commission in the last few months... no wonder I feel like the washing machine is my BFF! Im using this tutorial and its perfect!

Excited for: The halfway mark! It's all downhill from here.... right guys? haha It definitely doesn't seem that way in pregnancy, since the last half is usually the harder half! Im also excited to start pre-natal Pilates! I really need it and was really blessed by a friend who purchased the classes for me and registered me! Another friend of mine (who works with us at camp and is also pregnant due 2 weeks after me, is the instructor of the class!) It's so amazing to have such wonderful friends!

Other tid bits: Not sure if I have gained any weight yet, but I certainly feel like I have! I will find out at my appointment next week. Is it sad that Im a bit bummed that since we are having a girl I won't get to buy any boy print cloth diapers?? haha! I am definitely going to get a few more sweet girly ones though (which we all know are really cuter anyway) Check out these new diapers coming out by Kawaii baby next week... loving the deer, owls, and airplanes. 

                        Our little girl! 


  1. Wow 20 weeks. I can remember hitting that mile stone and starting to panic that I was almost of time to get anything done, it sounds like you have it all together though.

    I love that polka dot wall!

    The book sounds really interesting, I'm going to go check out the review and giveaway now.

  2. Yay for halfway! Love the picture of your sweet baby girl! Those profile shots are always my faves :) I also love the paint color you chose, I'm trying decided whether to do white or a blue or gray ugh I'm so indecisive!

  3. Oh shoot you reminded me that I should probably replace the elastic too!

  4. I love Kawaii baby. I will have to check that out. :) So excited for you my friend! I also love Bob's comment about the tea party...hahaha too much fun. I really hope we have a little girl someday. There is something so tender and sweet about daddies and daughters.


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