11 February 2014

// 18 weeks //


Eighteen weeks! I am really starting to feel pregnant and loving it these days! I love watching my belly round out, though it is still firmly in that awkward "are you pregnant, or just ate too much" stage. 

Weeks: Eighteen! Baby is the size of a bell pepper! 

Feeling: Great! Have had a couple days of back pain, but nothing too serious! 

Hazel is: Walking and talking and such a mimic! She repeats almost all of the key words we say in a sentence and I often her her whispering words over and over to herself like she is practicing! Bob bought her a new baby doll (this one) this week and she loves it. We made a bed for it from a box and she loves to put it to sleep and rock the baby. 

Movement: I have felt lots of little flutters, and the other day after eating a life saver candy (the red one!) the babe just went wild in there, it was moving up such a storm that I quickly called Bob over to see if he could feel it on the outside and he said he could! It was pretty exciting, but definitely hasn't happened since! 

Nursery: I am getting more and more excited for renovating the house in April! Right now we have tenants living in our upstairs and we are taking the whole house! I have been dreaming of paint colours and especially the playroom! Check out my Pintrest board for the playroom here

Reading: I have started finding a few articles about Baby and Toddler room sharing which I have been pinning here. I will pin as I read and you can follow the board for more! 

Crafting: I unfortunately haven't had much of a hankering for craft projects since I have been pregnant with this little one. However, I think I'm starting to come around as I just started making these sweet baby doll cloth diapers. I definitely want Hazel to have something to change her baby with when I'm changing the real baby! 

Excited for: Next weeks ULTRASOUND!! Yippie! Hopefully baby cooperates and we can see the gender! Yay! Bob says he wants to have the tech write it down and then we look at it later when it's just us but I think it would be more fun to actually see it! What do you think?

Other tid bits: so far I have LOST 5 pounds! Haha! My doctor isn't concerned at all but it is a bit funny since I think I'm so huge but haven't gained a single pound and have even lost weight! It was pretty much the same deal with Hazel, so I'm not worried. I tend to get 'big' quickly and then sort of plateau, I put on the most weight in the last month with Hazel so im expecting about the same.
Sleep has been pretty interrupted by waking to pee! Bob loves it because since I'm up I have been putting wood in the stove to keep it going all night, which means he doesn't have to get up to do it.... Must be so nice for him... ;) 


  1. Kelli K (Pretty Prairie)February 11, 2014 11:25 pm

    Awe cute little bump! Excited to watch the nursery take shape.

  2. I lost weight too in the beginning!! :) Totally natural. You are doing beautifully.

  3. Those doll cloth diapers are just about the cutest things ever!! I want some! :)
    Hope the ultrasound goes well - can't wait to hear what you're having (if you're sharing!)


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