1 January 2014

Word of the Year

Back before I did this whole blogging thing, my dear friend Laura told me that every year she prays for a new word for the coming year. My small group decided that this would be something we would do as well. 

For 2012 my word was 'Joy'
Thats why my blog title is 'Joyful Life' and you can read more about it here

For 2013 my word was 'Refine'
Yikes! Hard one am I right? But its so true of this year. I feel like I have been sharpened. Refined, purified in a way. I have really pared down a lot of things in my life that were just keeping me busy, that were not building me up. I have also been refined in my character as a mother. I have learned so much about myself, about my strengths and weaknesses. Its very humbling, as im sure you all agree. But also very empowering as well!

So here we are at 2014!

After praying about it I received my word for 2014. The word is 'Bless'. I kept thinking that it was 'Blessing', which is only natural since we are having the blessing of another baby in 2014. But the Lord kept gently reminding me that the word he said was not 'blessing' it was 'Bless'. See the difference, much more action required on my part! I believe that the Lord is stretching me to bless those around me. Im excited for the ways that this will happen in 2014.

My first intention in 2014 with my word is to bless my husband. For Christmas I got him a journal that I will keep for him. Every day I plan to write a little note. Some days might be long, some days might be short. Its going to be a challenge... and I know I will need a lot of grace. I was inspired by the lovely blog Todays Letters, Emily writes simple yet beautiful letters to her husband Tim which she posts most every day. You should do yourself a favor and read their beautiful and inspiring love story here. I am going to do my utmost to honour Bob in this way. I pray that he will feel respected and loved in the way that he both truly deserves and doesn't deserve, because true love is freely given and need not be earned... but more on that another day.

What do you think friends? Do you have a word for the year?


  1. That's nice, I love the idea if the journal for your husband! I hope you are able to bless all things that you can this year :)

  2. That journal sounds like such a great idea. And I need to think what my word for the year is. It's a great idea, and it kind of challenges you to think about where you are in life.


  3. I'm reading this before I choose my One Word. Jon Gordon was on the TODAY Show yesterday and he convinced my wife to choose one word also. In the book the authors encourage you to share you word with your "Stretch Team" that will spur you on, challenge you, and expand the depths of your One Word.

  4. Nice! Thanks for sharing Stuart! I like the idea of a "stretch team". For me its important that I don't think of the word myself but its a word that I feel the Lord has given to me. In my experience it has been much more satisfying to have Him define my year, rather than myself. Thank you so much for stopping by. Blessings on your 2014

  5. Hi Hannah, I love your word for the year! You're right, there is such a difference between "blessing" and "bless." I'm sure as God leads you in this new year that you will find that when you bless others, it becomes a blessing for yourself. I love that you let Him lead you in choosing your word for the year. Happy New Year!

  6. Great post, Hannah. I'm praying that God will use you to bless in many ways this year.

  7. Awesome word choice :) LOVE the idea of writing letters to your husband. I'm being inspired all over the place to be more aware and a better wife to my husband. Sarah Mae just wrote a post on it the other day. I'm excited to see what comes of your word this year.

    I chose the word "discover." Excited to journey with that word in mind!

  8. That is a wonderful word to focus on for the year!! For me it is simplify. Apparently I have been reading far too many eco living and minimalism blogs as I am already getting together bags full of things to giveaway and attempting to be more organized lol!!

  9. Discover! Love that word! So good! Excited to see what that words bring you this year!

  10. Thank you Nancy! I definitely need the prayers, this selfish heart is already rearing its ugly head!

  11. Thank you Kelly! and thank you for stopping by!

  12. Simplify! nice! Im definitely getting on the organization train. I am reading/doing the book "The 7 Experiment" by Jenn Hatmaker for the 2nd time! excited about that!


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