27 January 2014

Happy Home Maker: Jessie's Home Tour

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Today we have Jessie from Nelson Notes. I hope you will enjoy her sweet and happy home!


Hi!  It's nice to "meet" you.  My name is Jessie and I blog over at Nelson Notes.  I love running, photography, music, and sunshine.  I'm also a stay-at-home mama to two busy little boys.  My husband and I bought our first real home here in Idaho a little over two years ago and we couldn't have gotten luckier.  It just so happens that the open layout fits our family just right and we have the best neighbors--who have become our friends--anyone could ever ask for.  So while my home isn't perfectly decorated or perfectly organized (it may never be), I think I have figured out how to make our home a happy home--most of the time anyway.  And that's what is most important to me: lots of smiles and a place to relax and be yourself. So please, come on in and take a peek at what our lives look like around here everyday!

 What our home looked like the day we bought it in October 2011.

The kitchen is most definitely the center of our home.  It's where we cook meals and eat.  It's also where we welcome our guests, where we bake cookies and do all sorts of fun projects at the table.  Right now, during these cold winter months, my boys are obsessed with play dough. 
Sometimes my boys are cold in the mornings, so they like to eat breakfast with blankets draped around their shoulders.

Our family collage wall is a work in progress.  The piano, on the other hand, is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  It's an old fashioned player piano!  On top of the piano I keep one of my favorite pieces of homemade art: handprints of my two little boys.  I love how my three year old's hand fits in a 5x7 frame. 

The living room is my favorite room because there is always so much light!  And yes, that is a giant teepee you see there in the corner.  It was a Christmas present made with lots of love.  It will probably come down in few weeks (to pop up again in the backyard this Spring!), but until then the boys enjoy hiding in the teepee and reading stories via twinkle lights.  Also, the couch is totally as comfy as it looks.  Take a seat! There is also a den with our television and computer off to the right and the master bedroom in the left corner.

 Toys are kept hidden from view of the front door on the bottom shelves behind the couch.  However, there are almost always toys scattered across the living room floor at any given time.  It's just part of the territory of raising two little boys.  Watch your step!

The boys each have their own rooms for now.  It's pretty obvious I love bold bright colors.  The nursery is meant to have a bit of a nautical theme while Jed's room is all about cowboys. 

Levi's Nursery

Jed's "big" boy room

I am incredibly grateful for this beautiful space I get to share with my family everyday.  We're making lots of precious memories here.  If you're itching for more fun lifestyle photos, I would love for you to head on over to my blog and check out my "snapshots of life lately" series.

Thank you so much Hannah for allowing me to participate with all these other wonderful homemakers on your blog.


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  1. I love that your home is so bright Jessie! I would also kill for your tub! haha! You're boys are precious too!

  2. Thanks for having me here. This was fun!

  3. I just LOVE all the natural light in your home. I just want to come over and relax there all day! It looks so peaceful, which is pretty impressive considering you have two boys! ;) Beautiful home Jessie!

  4. I absolutely love Nelson Notes and Jessie's photography!! Can't wait to participate in this series! I forgot my date though ( I'm totally scatter brained). BTW Hannah let's button swap!

  5. Aw I know! Jessie is such a sweetheart! I can't wait for you to participate too, have you been missing my emails though? I emailed a few times with you date, and then the date passed. Love to get you set up with another though! Sometime in March? And yes, button swap! Can't believe we haven't done it yet!


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