19 January 2014

Happy Home Maker: Jessica's Home Tour

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Today we have Jessica from Pig and Dac sharing her happy home with us. I love that Jessica has shared her real life and her real home. This series is all about inviting each other into our homes to be inspired and encouraged by the way we live our lives, not by our decorating genius! I think you will really appreciate Jessica's awesome authentic home filled with love. 

Hello! I'm Jessica and I blog over at Pig & Dac, a mommy blog where I document my journey through motherhood with two little boys and everything else that goes along with being a mother and wife.
I was so excited and flattered when Hannah asked me to guest post here and share my home with you guys. My house is definitely not anything you will see on Pinterest, but it's where I take care of my family, play, eat, sleep, and make memories. It's our home. Please come inside and let me show you around!
This is our kitchen. We spend a lot time in here of course! I think the kitchen makes the house a home; it's where you fill people's bellies, share laughs, and create
On my fridge I like to keep my favorite cleaning schedule from Michelle Lea Designs. I definitely don't always keeps to my schedule, but when I do, my house feels amazing! Doing little things every day rather than letting it pile up really helps to not let my house get overwhelming to me.
I love to cook and bake. Although I don't get the chance to do it every day (be it because I'm exhausted or lazy that day), the kitchen is really where I feel like I nurture my family by providing them meals and treats made with love. I really do express my love through the food I make!

Today I made an oven baked stew and some garlic bread. Very simple and made our house smell soooo good! 

This is a view of our living room. The left side is what it usually looks like, and the right is how we wish it could look like more often! 
We spend a lot of time here too. I've spent countless hours nursing on the sofa, putting babies down for naps in this room, watching cartoons (and Mad Men, *ahem*) and just hanging out. I blog in this room too when the boys are asleep!

This is our playroom! The next room of most use in this house. Lots of dinosaurs, superheroes, and trucks mixed in with books, puzzles, and random toys. 
One of my New Year's resolutions was to get down on the floor more and play with my kids. I'll be honest: playing with dump trucks and superheroes makes my eyes water a little bit from boredom....BUT...I know it's important.

This is my bedroom and bathroom. The crib has never been used, besides being storage! I cosleep with my one year old right now, so most of my room decor consists of diapers and other exciting things like that.
I gave you guys a real view of my bathroom counter! That's how it normally looks, with stuff scattered about and toilet paper everywhere except on the roll since you know toilet paper is like gold for babies! 
Most of the time when I'm getting ready, my littles are destroying the cabinets and pulling everything out, so I just try to hurry and get us all out of there as quickly as I can! But I do like to do my make up and hair every day since it makes me feel so much better.

And here are some random pictures from around our house. The first being a plant in our back yard. We live in sunny Arizona, so we basically only have two seasons here: spring and summer! 
The second photo is a shot of my clutter round up that I do every day. I like to put everything in my laundry basket and take it back to the appropriate room (or just set it in the laundry room on long days when I just need it out of sight but don't have the energy to put it all away!).
The last photo is of our entry way. We do puzzles here every day! 
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my home! I look forward to spending more time decorating it since I don't plan on being pregnant or having any itty bitty babies this year! But even undecorated, I find the coziest homes are the ones that are welcoming and full of love, which ours definitely is. Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}January 20, 2014 1:51 pm

    I love that Jessica gave a real look at her house. It's not always pretty, but it's what our houses usually look like (I know mine does). Thanks for sharing her home tour!

  2. Beautiful, Jessica. Looks really nice and always "real." It looks like you have kids, and that you take good care of yourselves and your home. Can't beat that.

  3. I love the "realness" of your home. Authentic busyness and authentic life. I have a cleaning checklist too (I made my own). I love it and couldn't live without it.

    You're so blessed to live in a warm climate. We're getting a heat wave right now in Alberta (+1 C). Yeah, I wish I lived somewhere warmer.

    Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  4. Jessica I love how real you are! Amazing. Thank you for sharing. I agree with you..the kitchen really is where the home is.

  5. Love that you showed the "real" here. I like that way much better ;)
    And I most definitely need to check out that cleaning schedule!!!

  6. Thanks so much Andrea!! :) tha

  7. Oh you will LOVE it, it's perfect! I love her printables!


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