24 January 2014

Friday Faves (( JAN 24-13 ))

Yahoo! 2 naps today! I wasn't expecting that so it looks like I can bang out the Fruday Faves post I have been planning in my head all week! Yippie! Type like the wind... Let's go!


Those pigtails? Can you even handle it? This girl is becoming quite the little toddler these days and is WALKING for real!! It's still sooo crazy to see her just walk off into another room! So cute! I love love her so much it hurts! I oscillate between hoping our new baby is just exactly like her but knowing that he/she will have its own wonderful personality too... But she is just so awesome, it's hard to believe we created another one! :)


How cute is this DIY doll carrier from The Shopping Mama. I will most definitely be making this or something similar for Hazel before baby number 2 comes around. And you know what? I LOVE that she made this for her little boy and his bears! So cute! Real men wear babies am I right?


I have been pretty much obsessed with this album for a while now. I have gone through phases of one song being my 'favourite' and right now it's this little beauty "Stay and Wait". Although every time I listen to it it makes me think of Phil Collins! Hahah! But seriously, do you hear a total Phil Collins vibe? Or am I crazy? Anyway Phil Collins or not, this song is rockin me these days. Currently Bob and I are in a season of 'staying and waiting' ourselves so this means a lot to me. Things could be changing up for the Terpstra fam really soon so I love that I can trust The Lord to be our great Provider and Rock. "I will wait and host fast to your word, heart on your heart and my eyes on yours"


I know I know... Talking about women in ministry... Controversial!! But seriously friends. If 1 Timothy 2:12 has ever tripped you up about your place in the church or if people have used it to bring you down, please PLEASE read this article. I so thankful that The Lord has truly sheltered me from many church 'issues' like this, and showed me His true heart for me and women at a young age, but I have definitely wondered about this passage and I know others have too. Let's look into what the Bible actually says. This article from The Junia Project is well written and life giving. Enough said.


Had a hard time finding what I really wanted to share this week but this little clipping made me laugh quite a bit so I thought I would share.

Happy weekend lovelies

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