22 January 2014

DIY Heart Knot - The Outdoorsman's Valentine

A few years back I was struggling with what to give Bob for Valentines Day. 
This man is hard to shop for. I mean really hard. If he wants something, he just buys it. Leaving nothing for me to ever get him. 

My Hubs is a manly sort of man who love his hiking, mountain climbing, canoeing, and that sort of thing so I put my thinking cap on and made him a heart knot out of paracord (rope used for all things outdoorsy) and incorporated it into a frame with the verse "A cord of three strands is not easily broken" Ecc 4:12 (because you know... he has a sentimental side too) He LOVED it. Got a little teary even, and now it hangs above our bed between two other shadow boxes with our initials in them. Perfection! 

So want to know how to make it for your own outdoorsy guy? 


- length of paracord. I got a long piece, 
roughly 30 inches to experiment then just cut down the sides. 

- small shadow box  (I bought mine at Michael's for about $5.) Its a 5x7

- fabric backing for the box (optional) 

- hot glue gun

- permanent marker or fabric marker

Step 1:

Prepare your shadow box with fabric backing. 
Cut fabric to size, I used a piece of burlap to keep with the rustic look.
Glue into place with hot glue gun around the edges of inside of shadow box.

Step 2:

Time to make your knot. Below is the tutorial I used and after a bit of practice it looked great.


Step 3:

When your knot is perfected cut the excess rope on the sides to fit the size of your box with the heart positioned in the centre.
Glue the knot into place.
Since paracord is stiff I only had to glue the two ends close to the edge of the frame.

Step 4: optional

If you like, write something under the knot. Perhaps the same Ecc 4:12 verse suits you guys. Maybe just your names. Whatever you want to write, write it out with your sharpie or fabric marker.

A fun and super easy little project your outdoorsy guy will love this V-Day. 
You could also just make the heart and glue it on to your homemade card! 

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you make one!


  1. This is so cute! Such a creative Valentine's idea!

  2. I love this! Such a cute manly Valentines gift idea! Thank you for sharing at the Weekend Block Party!


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