21 January 2014

15 Weeks >> Pregnancy Update

Phew... 15 weeks. Time is certainly flying, and I hope it continues to do so! 
Im pretty sure that my large belly at 13 weeks was just a fluke because Im feeling much smaller these days, though obviously pregnant to myself... and maybe other people too? 

I have been hesitant to embrace my belly this time around for fear that I would get those lovely "Are you sure its not twins" questions... Boo to you rude people of the world! Some days I totally embrace it. Knowing many people who would give anything to have the miracle of a baby growing inside them, some days it feels silly to hide my growing belly just because I feel its "bigger" than it should be!
And then I have days when I'm frantically googling pictures of other women in my week just to make myself feel better! Ha! But the truth is I'm perfectly healthy. And baby is also perfectly healthy! So thats all that matters. 

I have been doing a lot of thinking about gender lately and 'wanting' one or the other. We don't 'want' one gender over the other. But Im excited to find out. I have a friend who has 3 boys and is now pregnant with twins. So many people said to her "oh you'll finally get your girl now". I have even said similar comments to friends with one gender or the other. A few days before my friend and her husband went to find out the genders of her twins she posted a blog post on facebook called "The Wrong Reason To Try for A Fourth Baby" . It is such a good read. You should all read it. Seriously. Go now! 

Its so true. Your kids are your kids. What is given to you is what you have. My friend and her husband found out that their twins are two more little boys! 5 boys! While my friend says she has had a bit of a grieving period over never getting the chance to raise a girl, she knows that who these children will become she would never wish to be different. 

So that's my ramble and now onto the actual pregnancy update! 

> 15 weeks. Baby is the size of an apple. 
> feeling great. Have had a few days of back pain, and got a massage which helped. Praise the Lord for health coverage. 
> Hazel continues to talk adamantly about babies and bellies. She even looked at a picture on facebook of a 19 week old fetus and said baby and pointed to my belly... yeah, I think she is pretty much a genius. 
> Starting to get really excited and nervous about renovating our house. Praying we can afford it! 
> Only a few more weeks until our ultrasound! Can't wait to see this baby!! 
> Feeling lots of little flutters now. Usually in the evening, one or two a night. 
> Don't need to be wearing maternity pants but have definitely found them to be more comfortable. Starting to get my maternity clothes out of storage. Unfortunately most are the wrong season... 
> Cravings have definitely started earlier this time around... or maybe I have just lost my self control? 

There you have it! 
In playing around with the idea of asking questions each week for these updates, but can't find any I really like, except for the basics. What questions would you ask for your second pregnancy, or what questions would you like to see me answer?


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! you look great! I had the same fear with my belly. I popped out very quickly and had a hard time wanting to show it cause I thought I looked bigger then I should have been! Found out all women grow differently! But yay for pregnancy!

  2. So glad to hear your pregnancy is coming along smoothly! You look amazing! And Hazel is definitely a smarty for knowing exactly what's going on ;)

  3. Aw thanks Kirstie! It's so true that all women carry their babies differently. I have definitely been getting a healthier perspective on this in the last few days and and feeling more like showing off my bump! :) Thanks for reading!

  4. Thanks Miwa! :) haha I don't really think Hazel totally understands, but maybe a tiny tiny bit? At least im hopeful that by the time the baby gets here then maybe she will grasp it a little bit!

  5. all I can say is that I'm excited for you. I'm happy everything is coming along smoothly. Yay for belly bumps!

  6. Playing the "is my bump big/small/normal" game doesn't change no matter how many babies you have! And each bump is different just like each baby. What you get is wonderful no matter what. Glad everything is going along wonderfully. :)


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