7 January 2014

13 weeks

13 weeks!

Only 188 (ish) days to go.... Thank you baby centre app for that detail! But thats not bad right?
I'm feeling incredibly LARGE these days, ha even though I know I'm not really.
I feel like I'm kind of in that stage where I'm looking a little more round but I definitely don't look pregnant yet... know what Im talking about? Like I maybe just ate too much cake...
I can't wait until I get to the "I look pregnant and everyone can see it too stage".

I absolutely loved and adored being pregnant and looking pregnant the first time around. As someone who has never been 'overweight' but just never felt quite 'comfortable' in my own body since I was in Jr High, I relished the fact that my body seemed "made for a baby". I felt rounded out in all the right places and I felt a little bit like some sort of earth mama goddess.

Next week I will be in my second trimester, what I consider the "golden days" of pregnancy. You look great, you feel great and all is well. Im hoping that in my second trimester I will even out a bit in the bump department....

I have had two appointments so far and heard that sweet little heartbeat. Unfortunately Bob wasn't with me since he had made plans to go back to our cabin with some friends of his (I had forgotten about the appointment). So while I was hearing the melodic sound of our second child he was shooting propane canisters and blowing stuff up... Heaven help me if we are having a boy!!

Speaking of Gender... we have decided that we will find out this time what our baby's gender is. I never ever thought I would, but things are looking like they will be busy busy this summer and we are more than likely again moving out of our house to live full time June-Sept at a Christian Kids camp. Its exciting stuff for us but will be crazy to have a newborn in the middle of that so though I love the surprise, I think I will feel much more prepared if I can have as much ready as I can.

As far as the details go...
I'm still feeling tired. But I can feel it starting to lift.
I have had cravings much earlier this time around, but I rarely let myself give in...
I haven't been super hungry, especially in the mornings so smoothies have been my go to.
Ultrasound booked for Feb 20th.... 6 long weeks to wait!
Still in regular clothes, thank the good Lord!
Can't wait to do some renovations in the spring and get this house ready for 2 babies!
Ok... don't think I'm crazy but I'm pretty sure I felt a few little flutters last week... is that crazy? Some of my friends have told me that they felt their second babies that early. I felt Hazel at 14 weeks so Im not surprised I felt this one earlier. Can't wait until those little flutters turn into kicks! I LOVE feeling my babies! (past and present... im not having twins)

Hazel, cousin Amelia and I 
Hazel has been really into babies lately, like obsessed. My sister in law had her third on Boxing Day and Hazel is all about her, but what is so sweet to see is how gentle she is, she is always rubbing her cheek on the baby's head and kissing her. Its absolutely precious and gives me a lot of hope that she will be gentle with her new sibling when he/she arrives.

What are your thoughts about finding out the gender? Did you find out or would you? 

*** Fun fact about PEI (Where I live), they have only started telling the gender of the baby in your ultrasound here in the last year. Im not sure the real reason they didn't tell you but most people think it has something to do with the fact that abortion is also illegal here and many older Doctors thought that if we were able to find the gender than abortion would be allowed soon after... 


  1. aww love this post friend!! Major congrats on your pregnancy. So exciting. When I'm pregnant again both hubby and I are debating on whether or not we want to know the sex or not. much love! http://likeamorningcupofcoffee.blogspot.com/

  2. Congratulations! It seems there's another wave of precious babies on their way. Best wishes for the second trimester.

  3. Your bump is so cute and round, I'm jealous! I feel like I just have a little protrusion that looks more like a few double cheeseburgers haha. We found out gender with Riggs and will definitely be this time around. I think it would be really fun to wait and have it be a surprise, but I'm just too impatient!! I'm also jealous that you already have your ultrasound appointment made, I have to wait to make mine until after my midwife appointment next week.

    I love having a pregnancy buddy it's so fun!! xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh that does sound crazy having a newborn in the middle of all that! We can figure it out together. :) We might be coming back to Japan with a 1.5 month old rather than a 4 month old!

  5. Are you sharing out publicly yet?? :) So excited for all of you guys. Womb envy over here big time!

  6. So exciting!! I love these baby updates! I keep saying I want to keep the gender a surprise next time around too...but when there is a lot going on it is nice to take advantage of being able to plan ahead. Boys are so fun...I think you would love having a little guy too. :)

  7. Not quite yet- just spaces like this where it won't travel. :-)

  8. I know, I definitely loved the surprise. But I keep thinking that I definitely won't be disappointed in any way that we found out and when the baby actually comes out I will be no less excited to see my beautiful baby! Boys are definitely fun and Bob would absolutely love that, though he is so hesitant to say anything because he thought Hazel was a boy all along and now feels badly that he wished for it since he just loves her so much! :)

  9. Haha, that is so great!! Justin was excited to have a son, but I think there is something so wonderful about a daddy and his daughter. Eeek. So excited for you.


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