28 December 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! and one of those recap posts...

Well Dear Friends, 
I know everyone and their mom is doing a recap post this week but hey, I thought I would jump on the band wagon too. ok? ok!

First of all I want to share some exciting news that I WON something!! YEAAAAH! 
You know those blog giveaways that you always enter but there are about a million other entries... 
well I entered one over at Squishable Baby and even though I could have gotten a bunch of entries, you know how it goes, like so and so on facebook and receive 10 more entries etc, I was in a rush so I thought... one entry will have to do. After I hit enter I kinda had a feeling I might win though.
(( just a little side note, this is the 4th major thing I have won in the last year including an iPad... I am so lucky! )) Also guys... there were over 110,000 entries!!

So this is what I won! 

Its a Didymos DidyTai. The giveaway was sponsored by Caribou Baby in NYC. 
Im SO beyond excited to receive it! Baby number 2 is going to practically be living in this thing!
I love Mai Tai carriers and really its the only type of carrier I use, except for my Ergo. This DidyTai is amazing because it cinches up at the bottom under the bum so you can adjust the seat to the baby's size and still have even a newborn in the proper legs out position! Amazing!

Anyway I will be sure to post lots of pictures in July of babes in this amazing carrier!

So on to the recap!

Its been a really awesome year, really diving into this whole blogging thing and I have met so many amazing people who truly inspire and encourage me to be a better mom and person. So thank you thank you to all of you! I truly love you all!

Here are 5 of my most popular//favourite posts of 2013

Certainly my most popular DIY to date. This was so much fun to make and Hazel still looks at it every.single.day. Truly a special project.

Part One of Hazel's birth story... well sort of. This post explores my love and passion for all things babies and birth and how that all came to be. I saw my first birth in Africa, it was pretty wild! Check it out! Also I promise promise promise that I will have Part Two up, which actually is Hazels birth, before the new year! The picture above is me at the back and two friends wearing Mulafas in Mauritania Africa.

My post from way back last May on "Becoming Intentional In an Indifferent World". This kickstarted my 30 Days of Intention Challenge to myself which was a really amazing and enlightening time for me. Im gearing up to do something similar in the new year! So stay tuned!

Certainly my most popular. And maybe my most "info packed" posts of 2013. My Cloth Diapers for Dummies posts. I loved writing these and love even more that they have been helpful to people who are just starting out cloth diapering. I tried to be as informative as I could be! Enjoy!

And last but not least. My "Blogging for Reals" post. Because this is why I do this thing, and I don't want to lose sight of that. I have learned so much in this year of blogging. I have learned what I like and don't like. I have adapted my content to include less crafting and DIY and more real life stuff along with all those other things I enjoy. Im starting to find my voice little by little and I am eternally grateful for the friendships I have made.

There you have it! 2013 in review!
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!
Be sure to check out my post below for some New Year tradition ideas for families!


  1. You are so inspiring. So many good things to be doing. Happy New year!

  2. Hannah! I am so jealous! I entered to win too...that looks amazing! I can't wait to hear how you like it! I might end up buying one next time around. :)


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