27 December 2013

Ten New Year's Traditions for the Family

Making memories is what its all about right? 
What would we be without our memories?
I really want our children to have a special childhood, with memories and traditions, things they can look back on when they are older and maybe continue the traditions when they have their own families. 
Its part of my longing to live an intentional life. 

Hazel is just one, so New years is right now just like any other day for her. We will pretty much still get to have our "adult" new year celebrations for a few years yet, but as she gets older I want to have a few ideas on hand to be able to start with her... and other kiddos too!

So I thought I would share with you a few New Years traditions I have collected and hopefully you will see something you would like to incorporate into your own family memories.

<< ONE >>

The Best and Worst List. Bob and I often call this the "Rose and Thorns". Name the best (rose) thing or things that happened in the previous year, as well as the worst (thorns) things that happened. 
You can also write these down throughout the day or evening (if you're having a party!) and then read them out just before midnight. 

<< TWO >>

If your kids are a little older and are keen to stay up till midnight why not give Hoosier Homemade's idea a try and make goodie bags to open every hour! Super fun idea!

<< THREE >>

Family Interviews! I LOVE this idea! Basically you come up with a series of questions that you ask each family member each year. Its fun to keep the questions the same and then see how the child/adult's answers change each year. 
You can also use this AMAZING and FREE printable from Thirty Handmade Days for kids HERE. Be sure to check back later in the week on her page for an Adult version. I will definitely be doing this!

<< FOUR >>

Breakfast for dinner. Or something else fun. Start a tradition of making something tasty to eat on New Years eve or New Years Day. Get numbered cookie cut outs and make and decorate the numbers of the new year! You can also get some sparkling apple juice to toast at midnight for the kiddies, wine for the parents.... unless you're pregnant... boo...

<< FIVE >> 

New Year's Camp Out! I love making tents and forts in the house, so I pretty much look for any excuse. If the kids might not make it till midnight, make your fort in the living room and put on a movie. Make a snack necklace while your at it! 

<< SIX >>

Ok ok this is the same as Number Three but it is so cute it deserves to be mentioned again! Heather at How Does She had the idea to do an interview of her kids but she video tapes them!!!! (( Do people still say video tape? )) anywho its so sweet, she has a list of questions they answer every year and then at the end she records them singing a song or doing something they learned that year. Adorable!! 

<< SEVEN >>

Start a blessing jar. Decorate the outside of a jar and keep it in a central part of the house. Throughout the year write down blessings and put them in the jar, then read out the blessings on New Years Eve. 

<< EIGHT >> 

Family Award Night. Make awards for your children for the previous year. Make them to suit your family. You may want to keep it positive like "best piano player" or whatever or maybe you want to do "Most embarrassing moment" or something a bit more silly.

<< NINE >>

Red Ted Art has lots of New Years themed crafts. I especially like the idea of making the noise makers, the paper bowl noise maker and button clacker are great ones. They even have a link for how to make those paper blowers that are always around at New Years!

<< TEN >>

Have a fancy dinner and ball drop party. Get everyone dressed up in their best party outfits and have a fancy family dinner, then watch the ball drop in NYC.


I hope you liked the ideas. There are lots of great ones out there and I take no credit for coming up with these myself.

Do you have any to add to the list? I would love to hear them!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.


  1. Absolutely loving this list!! Pinning it now!

  2. Great ideas! I'm always interested in things to ask at the dinner table throughout the year, too. This could apply! Enjoyed the post so much. :-)
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates


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